Breslow Chester NJ Showroom: Updated Daylight Savings Hours

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Hey guys, we’re ready to spring into some new hours! Breslow Chester, NJ is embracing Daylight Savings Time. Much like you, we can’t wait for brighter, warmer and greener days. Hey, who doesn’t love barbeques and time with the family?

This also means we’ll be working overtime to deliver your orders. Not only do we burn the candle at both ends installing awnings, pergolas, canopies and window treatments

…we also work extensively with contractors to keep up with your painting needs.


While this is an awesome period for us, spring and summer bring different challenges and we want to make sure we’re acknowledging all those incredible professionals that work with us to make Breslow Home Design Center great. 

Contractors have requested earlier hours, as it makes it easier for them to pick up paint supplies for their customers and we want to be sure they can what they need when they need it.  

Remember how the old saying goes – the early bird gets the worm, my friends. So come on out and have a cuppa coffee with us! We’d love to see you. 

…and don’t forget! Clocks will be changing on Sunday, March 10, 2019, when Daylight Savings Time begins. Let’s ring in summertime and awnings season in NJ! 

Monday - Friday

*Updated Daylight Savings Time Hours  - from Sunday March 10, 2019*

7AM - 5PM


*Updated Daylight Savings Time Hours - from Sunday March 10, 2019*

8AM - 5PM 

Breslow Chester NJ New Hours

Don't Forget Breslow Chester NJ Is Closed Sundays!

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25 W. Main Street
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