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If you’re looking for information about Breslow Home Design Center, you needn’t look further. This family-run business has been in operation for three generations. Providing quality service and products for nearly 100 years has given us incredible insight into the needs of our customers. The recipe is simple. We deliver customized solutions that take into account people’s individual needs.

In a world that has become reliant on Internet-based solutions, we fill in the gaps. Breslow Home Design Center professionals are experts in:

We know our stuff and as a result, you’ll get the best advice in the business, saving you time, money and hassle. When you call our office, you’ll speak to an actual person with many years of experience. They’ll sift through your needs and budget to make sure you get the solution that’s right for you. One of the biggest issues people have is diving into large purchases with inadequate information.

Breslow Home Design Center - Morristown NJ - Grandfather Louis Breslow behind counter in dark jacket
Breslow’s Morristown location – Grandfather Louis Breslow in dark jacket behind counter

As they cross generations, owners of a family business struggle to keep their family in harmony and their family enterprises fruitful.  Few family enterprises survive more than one generational transition intact. 

Forbes, Five Cross-Generational Transformations Of Successful Family Enterprise

Breslow Home Design Center Customers Stay With Us for Generations

This will never happen to you at Breslow Home Design Center because we know a happy customer is a customer for life! 

For example, there’s nothing worse than spending hours looking through paint swatches for the perfect shade of yellow, only to bring cans home to find out it looks completely different on your walls. This happens all the time. The good news is that you can avoid mishaps such as this by meeting with one of our paint professionals in the showroom or at your house. Book a consultation before you purchase your paint, window treatments or shade system. It can make all the difference in the world. 

So I bet you want to know a little bit more about Breslow Home Design Center History!

There aren’t a lot of stores that have managed to weather the Great Depression and World War II, but Breslow Home Design Center is one! Louis Breslow, his wife Rose and brothers Saul and Izzy emigrated from Russia in the 1900s. They founded the first brick and mortar store, Breslow Paint & Wallpaper, in Passaic, NJ in 1924. The brothers were painters by profession so this was a natural move. 

Not to be deterred by relocating to a new country, in 1943 Louis branched out on his own. He opened a store in Morristown, NJ with his young family. If you think this is the end of the story you’d be wrong! In the 1960s Louis and his son Jerry expanded the business to further locations and a few years later his daughter Sharon and her husband Paul joined them. They went on to open even more storefronts throughout the 1970s – business was booming! 

This was truly a family operation.

Sharon and Paul’s children Dana and Jason Shaw worked in the store stamping color cards, as their grandparents, mom, dad, and uncles did before them. They are the third generation to move Breslow Home Design Center into the future!  Paint is clearly in their blood. For nearly 100 years Breslow Home Design Center has specialized in providing the best quality paint to the residents of New Jersey & New York… and this tradition remains in place to this day! They have a store in Chester, NJ that caters to families they worked with for generations.

But that’s not all! Dana and Jason continue to explore cutting-edge innovations in their industry. Their goal is to continue to provide bespoke customer service in the paint industry with a view to keeping with technology and the demand for products that beautify the homes they serve. 

Breslow's Morriston NJ Storefront
Breslow’s Morriston NJ Storefront


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About Breslow Home Design Center: Dana Shaw, Paint, Window Treatments, and Shade Solutions

Dana Shaw and Breslow Home Design Center Chester NJ
Dana Shaw and Breslow Home Design Center Chester NJ

In the 1980s the appetite for home design grew exponentially. 

Did you know from 1982 - 1989 the US was experiencing its greatest ever consistent burst of economic activity? Yes indeed, which means the average customer had more money to spend on creating their dream home... and they did just that. 

Breslow Home Design Center identified this burgeoning market and started to offer customized Window Treatments to answer the demand - which expanded into Retractable Shade solutions as time moved on. 

Dana Shaw went on to spearhead this venture and over the past 3 decades, Breslow Home Design Center's offering has grown to encompass: 

  • Blinds 
  • Shades 
  • Shutters 
  • Retractable Awnings, Pergolas & Canopies 

Paint and shade solutions go hand in hand when you're designing a home. When you first purchase a place to live, often it's a shell of what you dream of. You, of course, will want to put your stamp on it! The right color of paint can utterly transform a space. If you have a living room that's painted brick red, you can completely open it up by choosing something lighter like Chantilly Lace, by Benjamin Moore.

The color you select has a huge impact on the feel you want to achieve, that being said; lighting is equally as important. 

Find the Shade Solution, Window Treatments or Paint That Suits YOU!

There are all kinds of routes you can take from blackout blinds to beautiful sheer Duette Architella Honeycomb shades. All of which beautify your space while cutting your energy bill. 

So why stop there? Breslow Home Design Center didn't!

If you have an outdoor patio or yard, what better way to extend your living space than by installing a Retractable Awning, Pergola or Canopy! Not only do these shade solutions add an air of sophistication, but they increase your ability to use the great outdoors for entertaining... all the while decreasing your energy consumption. 

Check out some of our backyard makeovers right now! 

About Breslow Home Design Center: Jason Shaw, MyPerfectColor.com & The Future of Paint 

Jason Shaw and the MyPerfectColor.com team
Jason Shaw and the MyPerfectColor.com team

If you think this is the end of Breslow Home Design Center's innovative approach, you'd be wrong! 

Jason Shaw took a break from the family business to get his MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania and went on to work for the behemoth of e-commerce, Amazon. These experiences solidified his connection to the internet and his desire to expand Breslow Home Design Center's reach. 

Local sales have always been the core of this family business.

Unfortunately, if you live outside the New Jersey/New York area you won't be able to visit our showroom or get one of our professionals to visit your home for a free consultation. 

This is where the idea for MyPerfectColor.com was born. 

Breslow's expert color matching skills have been honed over decades. Jason didn't want that talent to go to waste. The idea is to make these unparalleled skills available to customers throughout the United States. MyPerfectColor offers over 200,000 color matches for over 100 paint brands such as:

  • Benjamin Moore
  • Sherwin Williams
  • Behr, Ralph Lauren, and
  • Martha Stewart

Wow, now that's quite a lineup! 

MyPerfectColor.com Unparalleled Color Matching

MyPerfectcolor also matches industrial standards such as:

  • Pantone 
  • RAL
  • Munsell, and
  • Federal Standard colors 

 ...and if your order is over $99 we'll ship your selection for free throughout the United States.  So imagine this scenario. You just moved into your new house and you absolutely LOVE the shade of green used in the dining room. Sadly, the past owners have no idea who made the paint or what color it is. Ugh! Now you have to repaint the whole room with something similar. This is where MyPerfectColor comes to the rescue. We provide color matching services and if you send in a sample of the paint we will match it perfectly. It's as easy as that.  And we can provide custom color spray paint in our more than 200,000 colors. Let's face it, not every town is lucky enough to have a store like Breslow Home Design Center, so MyPerfectColor is there to fill in the gaps. Check out our list of list of very satisfied customers which includes companies like Tiffany & Co. and Pantone. We have exceeded industry standards to such a degree that Pantone selected MyPerfectColor to create the paint they are promoting as  Pantone 2019 Color of the Year! These achievements speak for themselves. 


Give us a call at: 908-879-7665

Or email us at: [email protected]


About Breslow Home Design Center: It's Always Been About Family -- We're Moving Into The Fourth Generation!

The most important thing we want you to know about Breslow Home Design Center is that we're all about family - yours and ours. 

When Louis Breslow emigrated from Russia, he dreamed of a better future for his children and grandchildren. This is something he achieved. He built an incredible business armed with only a 6th-grade education and very limited English. 

A skilled painter, Louis knew the ins and outs of the paint business and passed this knowledge on to three generations. 

If you ever visited a Breslow Paint store when Louis was alive you would have been greeted by him as if you were a member of the Breslow family.  He was a proud man who made an impact on his community. People who remember him know that he would drive around town in his truck with the Breslow Paint and Wallpaper logo displayed on the side... and if someone needed help, he was right there to assist. 

His integrity and work ethic formed the foundation of Breslow Home Design Center and continues to do so to this day. If you're ever in Chester, NJ you can still find Sharon, his daughter, working alongside her sons Jason and Dana.  

This is why Breslow Home Design Center has been in business since 1924. We know the value of personalized service. In our busy technology-centric world there is nothing that can replace the human touch, and you get that in spades when you work with us. 

Louis Breslow would be proud to see what his children and grandchildren have achieved. 

Breslow Home Design Center and MyPerfectColor - a 3rd Generation Family Affair
Breslow Home Design Center and MyPerfectColor - a 3rd Generation Family Affair

If you're looking for paint, window treatments, retractable awnings, pergolas, or canopies we are here to assist. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation. Our experts are waiting to help you make the best choice for you and your family. 


Give us a call at: 908-879-7665

Or email us at: [email protected]