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Looking for Alutex Awning Reviews? We’ve Got Some Serious Insider Information!

If you stumble on this page, it’s probably because you’re looking for Alutex Awning Reviews …and who could blame you? Alutex is a fantastic manufacturer of awnings. In fact, they’re one of our preferred brands. That’s because they produce beautifully designed, well-built awnings. They even offer a 10-year warranty because they’re so confident in their work.  And Alutex is also our neighbor. All of their awnings are assembled in their Ringwood, NJ headquarters!


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Sure the history of awnings is firmly rooted in Europe, but the future of innovation leads to the US. The demand for giant awnings to shade large patios has inspired some really creative thought and Alutex is at the forefront of this charge. 

As with any review, it's very important to define how big the bread box is. Alutex Awning Systems offer a HUGE selection of awnings ...and more. But for the purposes of this article, we're going to concentrate on their awnings because this is our specialty at Breslow Home Design Center.

In the spirit of full disclosure, most of our clients go with ONE of their products, in particular, so we are going to place emphasis on the Madera awning.

The Madera model offers limitless options, sizes, and upgrades which satisfy most of our clients in New Jersey. That being said we want to tip our hat to their other offerings. So let's take a peek right now - but we're going to lead with the star of the show! 

Madera Giant

A retractable awning attached to the house is an attractive option for many people. It provides ready access to shade when you want it and retracts to let the sun shine in when you're ready for it. It can also block glare into an adjoining room of the house. 

How To Shade Your House and Yard from the Summer Sun, Popular Mechanics 


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Alutex Awning Reviews: The Madera

Alutex Madera

Alutex Madera Awnings

Madera awnings are one of our most popular products. You can choose between a motorized or a hand-cranked system that can be supplemented by wind and sun sensors. 

Alutex awnings are tested to exceed industry standards for mechanical operation. This company feels so confident about their product that they offer a 10-year guarantee. 

The Madera is built to be strong, resilient, design conscious and it is fairly large. Check out their specs now: 

Width: 10’ - 50’ (1/4” increment); Projection Range: 5’4” - 13'; Side dimension w/Hood: 11” H x 11” W; Side Size w/out Hood: 10” H x 9” W

Check out these gorgeous Alutex Madera awnings that were both installed in Montclair NJ

The first is a beautiful Alutex Madera finished with a perfectly-matched grey and white striped Sunbrella fabric. Note how the awning provides plenty of sun and rain protection for children (and their parents and grandparents) while still keeping the yard easily accessible. And on cooler days, you can easily retract it with full motorization, bringing the sun and blue skies to the patio.

Alutex Madera Awning - side view - installed in Montclair NJ by Breslow Home Design Center
Alutex Madera Awning - side view - installed in Montclair NJ
Alutex Madera Awning - front view - installed in Montclair NJ by Breslow Home Design Center
Alutex Madera Awning - front view - installed in Montclair NJ

The second is a 28 foot x 13 foot Alutex Madera, complete with Sunbrella Rodanthe Metallic fabric -- we think it looks great.

Finally, check out these two Alutex Madera awnings that we installed in New Jersey restaurants.


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Madera Giant & Commercial Awnings

...and that's not all! If you're looking for a shade system that fits a larger space, the Alutex Madera Giant may be the system for you! They're not only beautiful but they're also functional.

The Madera Giant has up to a 20' projection - the only awning in the industry that can claim this achievement. This feat is accomplished by installing a double torsion bar with very large shoulders to support the weight of the arms. For maximum support, a 2x16 ledger board will also be affixed to the building. 

Unparalleled space is the Madera Giant's claim to fame, but it does come at a price. These awnings typically sell for $15-20k. Depending on overall size. 

Alutex Awning Reviews Madera Commercial
Alutex Awning Reviews Madera Giant

Take a look at some of our work now. There's no way you want a heavy awning over the top of you and your loved ones without adequate support and proper installation. This is a VERY good reason to call Breslow Home Design Center today if you're in the New York Metropolitan area.


Alutex Awning Reviews Capri

Alutex Capri Awnings

Alutex Capri Awnings are slim but strong and are made for smaller spaces. 

These awnings also have a 10-year warranty. Here are the specs: 

Width Range: 4' - 20′ (1/4″ increment)Projection Range: 2’8″ - 5’3″Side dimension w/Hood: 5 1/4″ H x 8″ WSide size w/out Hood: 4 1/4″ H x 4 1/2″ W


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Alutex Awnings Prices: What's the Deal?

One of the biggest perks of buying an Alutex Awning is they have a broad range of shade solutions to fit your budget. You can go crazy and buy a luxurious awning or you can purchase something much more affordable. ....but if you're looking for Alutex awnings prices, that's going to be a little tough. Each awning Breslow Home Design Center installs is a customized solution. Which means the end cost really depends on your personal choices. Here are some of the factors that come to play:  

  • The type of awning you purchase: Each awning design has its own price point. 
  • The size of the awning: The bigger the awning the more costly it is for obvious reasons. 
  • The fabric you select: Some fabrics cost more than others. 
  • Did you choose a motorized or manual system: Adding a motor to your awning is convenient but it also has a price tag - approximately $1,200 - 1,600 more. 
  • Did you select wind and sun sensors: These sensors help protect your awning in bad weather and will maximize energy savings. Each sensor will cost about $385.00. 
  • Installation: This isn't something you want to skimp on. Awnings are heavy and you don't want one to come down on your head. The price of installation is $1,200 -1,800 on average. 

As you can see each choice you make has an impact on Alutex awnings prices. Alutex is one of our preferred manufacturers because they carry the Madera which is offered at a great price point and is one of our most popular items. 

This particular shade system typically costs between $5,000 - $7,000 installed for the most common size, which is a 20' by 13' awning.  * Please note awning costs are dependent on upgrades.   

Alutex Awning Checklist 

Determine Your Budget 

Alutex provides a huge selection of awnings for you to choose from. 

But before you get your heart set on Alutex awning systems, sit down with a pen and paper to figure out what sort of budget you have for your awning. The good news is Alutex has something to fit every budget, so you won't be disappointed. 

Also, don't forget this is a long term purchase. While it may seem like a lot of money to shell out at the time, the energy savings alone will pay for your system over the years. Not to mention the fact that it will improve the value of your home. Installing an awning is a win-win...and picking a manufacturer like Alutex is the icing on the cake. 

Remember Size Matters  

If you're going to entertain in the great outdoors you absolutely don't want to skimp on space. Be real about what your needs are. Sure a smaller, less expensive awning, such as a Sunsetter, may cost you less money, but it will also offer VERY limited coverage. 

Measure your table and chairs to make sure everything is protected ...and don't forget to keep in mind the fact that people move their chairs back when they eat.  It may seem like a picky point but you won't feel that way when your guests are dining out in light rain.

Not providing enough coverage defeats the whole purpose of your beautiful awning. 

You Get What You Pay For 

Alutex Awnings may NOT offer the least expensive awnings in the business, but they're an excellent manufacturer and their 10-year warranty backs that claim up. 

At Breslow Home Design Center we have helped many customers replace cheap awnings with plastic coverings after only a few years because their system was inadequate and poorly built. 

Did you know that the best awning covers aren't waterproof? Nope - they're nearly 100% water resistant, but they breathe. If you install a fully waterproof cover it's hot and sticky under the awning. That's why we love Sunbrella fabrics. They are beautiful, have a great selection and provide fabulous protection. 

Remember, safety is also a very important point, especially when it comes to larger awnings. You truly get what you pay for my friends. So when push comes to shove don't save a few hundred dollars at the expense of your time, sanity and well being. It's simply not worth it. 

Homeowners looking to reduce air conditioning costs and shield interior furnishings from the sun’s harsh glare may want to consider adding awnings.

Fixed or retractable awnings can significantly reduce a home’s air conditioning usage in the summer, saving an estimated $200 or more annually, according to a study from the Professional Awning Manufacturers Association (PAMA).

Use Awnings to Reduce Energy Costs in Summer, Bob Vila 

If You're in New York & New Jersey Buy Local 

We just want to send some local love to Alutex Awnings. They provide a top notch product right in our backyard. Did you know awnings first became popular in Europe? Yes indeed, and as such, some of the most cutting edge technology and design comes from Germany, Italy, and Spain. The owner of Alutex is an Italian Engineer that relocated to the states. He sources parts from Europe and assembles the systems in Ringwood, NJ.   This means we're able to install your awnings fast and if there happens to be an issue, it's resolved as quickly. The Owner is a hands-on guy and customer service is superlative.  We can't say enough about this incredible company. 


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Why You Should Contact Breslow Home Design Center Today 

As you can see Altex Awnings are some of the best in the business and Breslow Home Design Center proudly carries their awnings.  

If you're looking to install a retractable awning you would be hard pressed to find a better system than the Alutex Madera. Not only is it beautiful but it's strong, resilient and available in larger sizes. If that's not enough to sway you they come with a 10-year warranty and are assembled in the US. 

Awnings aren't cheap, but they're practical and beautiful. You can protect your family from damaging UV rays, increase your entertainment space, reduce your energy bills AND add to the value of your home in one fell swoop. 

If you're thinking about purchasing Alutex awnings call Breslow Home Design Center today. We are here to help!