Aristocrat Awnings

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retractable awning for restaurant patios

Aristocrat Awnings are one of the best-selling retractable awning models at Breslow Home Design Center. They’re well built, have a great selection when it comes to quality material and there’s a model to fit most budgets and spaces. Aristocrat Awnings specifically, was founded so that people could find a way to enjoy patios, decks, and outdoor space more comfortably. Some people may have umbrella systems installed to protect their tables from direct sunlight… but why not go one step further?

Aristocrat Awnings are a terrific addition to any household. At Breslow, we’re very selective about the products we offer. We firmly believe that shade systems are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to home design. Here are just a few of the well-known benefits of retractable shades:

  • Energy Efficiency – Installing an awning translates into a lot of money over time. Innovative technology has made retractable awnings more efficient than ever. They block up to 75% of solar heat that enters your home and can reduce temperatures by up to 15 degrees. They can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%, and protect your family from harmful UV rays.
  • Extend Your Outdoor Space: One of the best features of retractable awnings, pergolas, and canopies is the extension they provide your living space without having to undergo a complete renovation. If you’re “spatially challenged” then a retractable awning will add more square footage for entertainment.
  • Increase Your Home Value: Retractable shade systems add value to your home. Sure traditionally kitchens and baths are seen as the rooms that realtors are looking for and that’s never going to change. That being said, a landscaped entertainment space is one of those perks that people look for in a new home.

Types of Aristocrat Awnings

Aristocrat Estate Awnings

This awning is partially cassetted, which means there is a roll tube that protects the fabric when the awning is not in use. If you have a super-sized space, this model provides 41′ of width. You can choose from a vast selection of fabrics from either the Northpole collection or Sunbrella. There are 3 variations of this model that are the base model, the slim-fit model, and the XLP model. Here are the specs:

  • Projection: 4’11”, 6’7″, 8’2″, 9’10”, 11’6″, 13’1″
  • Width: 6’11” – 41′; 5’1″ – 14’4″; 17.5′ – 23′
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard styles, custom styles and lettering options.

Price Range: $7,000 – $12,000

Aristocrat Manor Awnings

The Aristocrat Manor is fully “cassetted”. That means it’s like a shelter for your fabric, protecting it from the elements. The fabric is supported with a hood and tray that is easy to maintain. This model is recommended for properties that are on a lake or a beach. Here are the specs:

  • Projection: 4’11”, 6’7″, 8’2″, 9’10”, 11’6″, 13′ 1′
  • Width: 6’11” – 23′
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard

Price Range: $8,000 – $12,000

Aristocrat Eko Awnings

The Eko is a more affordable model that is “semi-cassetted”.This design does have many of the same features, benefits, and options are available – but you will have fewer choices when it comes to size. Here are the specs:

  • Projection: 6’11”, 8’6″, 10’2″
  • Width: 7’9″ – 23′
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard styles, custom styles, and lettering options.

Price Range: $5,000 – $7,000

Aristocrat Canopies


Aristocrat canopies are a good fit for your location if you prefer a consistent height. They also work well for those of you looking for privacy because you can add side curtains. Canopies can be free-standing or wall-mounted and can also give you an unobstructed view overhead.

  • Width: 3’1″ – 23′
  • Projection: 3’1″ – 18′
  • Height: 8’6″, 8’9″, 8’10” – 11′
  • Mounting: Wall, Roof, Free-Standing
  • Built In Side Curtains: 3’1″ – 18′ width, Solar Series I & II, Horizontal Drop Shades

Pergola Canopies

You can achieve everything a canopy offers except the unobstructed view. This system is created with rafters.

  • Width: 3’1″ – 23′ 
  • Projection: 3’1″ – 18′
  • Height: 8’6″, 8’9″, 8’10” – 11′
  • Mounting: Wall, Roof, Free-Standing
  • Built In Side Curtains: 3’1″ – 18′ width, Solar Series I & II, Horizontal Drop Shad


This is a great system if you already have a pergola and want to add a retractable covering for more control over your exposure to the light and elements.

  • Width: 3’1″ – 23′
  • Projection: 3’1″ – 18′
  • Height: 8’6″, 8’9″, 8’10” – 11′
  • Mounting: Wall, Roof, Free-Standing
  • Built In Side Curtains: Solar Series I & II, Horizontal Drop Shades

Aristocrat Solar Shades & Horizontal Drop Shades

Aristocrat solar shades

Solar Shades 

If you’re interested in energy savings then you’ll want to check out Aristocrat’s solar shades. You can install them on the outside of your house or office to block the rays of the sun before they hit the windows. This is an extremely efficient way to keep the atmosphere cooler.

You can also use them with your pergola, canopy, or under-mounted system. There are 2 models available:

  • Solar Shade Series 1: The fabric travels down either a cable, rod, or track.
  • Solar Shade Series 2: The fabric travels down a track with a zipper design to completely close off your porch or patio
aristocrat horizontal shades

Horizontal Shades

Horizontal shades provide a unique approach to privacy and glare. You pull the shade from the side to create a barrier against wind, sun, and prying eyes.

This is a creative solution that takes low-angle rays into consideration, allowing you to read a book or use a computer without light-related issues. They can also create a virtual wall of privacy. If you live in a crowded area this can really come in handy, allowing you to entertain comfortably knowing your neighbors won’t be watching your every move.

Your choice of fabric impacts how much light you let through. Select a solid fabric for complete coverage or a looser weave to allow some translucency.

What Our Clients Say

This is our second awning from Breslow. We had one installed 7 years ago, I tried to take it when we moved! I knew I wanted another one at the new house. When I called for an appt, they pulled up my records and told me what I previously purchased instead of me trying to guess. Dana came to measure and had all the new fabrics to choose from. He is so helpful and easy to work with. From the consultation to installation, everything was a breeze.

Allison F.

I have only the VERY BEST to say about Dana and Breslow Home Design. I had 4 salesmen give me a quote. Some of the awnings sold by the other companies are not as large as some of the Premium brands like KE that Breslow sells. All said it would take 6-8 weeks. Dana promised me I would have it in 10 days and his crew stayed late into the night to finish. I also need to say that Dana, who is the grandson of the founder was above and beyond, professional and exemplary in every aspect of our interaction. Plus, he is very nice. 5 Stars. And I LOVE my new, huge, gorgeous awning.

Julie L.

Breslow Home Design Centers is just great, reliable, and super friendly! They installed our backyard awning almost 10 years ago – still working perfectly. They also install blinds for our old house six years ago and for our new house this year. Before I made my first decision to use them, I visited several home design centers/shops and I was mostly impressed by Brewslow for their friendliness and professionalism. Many thanks, Dana for your excellent service and kindness!!!

Lijulia Y.

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