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Aristocrat Awnings! We Love Them and Why You Will Too!

Aristocrat Awnings are one of my favorite manufacturers of retractable shade systems. This is quite a statement because we work with a number of incredible companies. So I don’t say this lightly. 

To give you some idea of my background, Breslow Home Design Center has been in business since 1924. We have been installing retractable pergolas, canopies, awnings – and window treatments for along time.

So who am and I why do I care? My name is Dana Shaw. I’m the grandson of Louis Breslow and my brother and I are the third generation to carry on the family tradition. If you order a shade system from Breslow Home Design Center, you’ll meet me! I truly love what I do and this translates into quality work. 


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Aristocrat Estate Partially Enclosed

Aristocrat Manor Fully Enclosed


Aristocrat Awnings: A Word or Two About the Company

Did you know that awnings got their start in Europe? Yes indeed. If you spend any time looking for retractable awnings, pergolas or canopies you'll notice that many of the top manufacturers are located outside of the US. Although this has changed radically and American manufacturers are now some of the top purveyors. 

Andy Stone is the owner of Aristocrat and he has a very interesting story. When he went to visit his in-laws in Sweden he was struck by the country's use of retractable fabric awnings in their outdoor spaces. It seemed every business, store, and home had them installed. He saw a clear niche in the market that wasn't being fulfilled in the States. 

Summers are HOT in Pennsylvania where he and his wife live. So why not find a way to enjoy patios, decks and outdoor space more often? Sure some people have umbrella systems installed to protect their tables from direct sunlight... but why not go one step further? A retractable awning protects a larger area, looks sleek and also reduces your energy consumption - seems like a win-win-win! 

This is what spurred Andy Stone to expand his business, Craft-Bilt, into the world of awnings in 1986. Using Swedish technology this American business launched Aristocrat and the rest is history! 

Aristocrat Awnings: Why You Should Consider Retractable Awnings

Whether you select Aristocrat Awnings or another manufacturer, retractable awnings are a terrific addition to any household and I'm not just saying that because I sell them. At Breslow, we're very picky about the products we offer. If we don't use them - we don't sell them. So I can honestly say I think shade systems are one of the best investments you can make when it comes to home design. 


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I bet you're wondering WHY they're so wonderful. Well, I am going to share that information with you right now. First and foremost, retractable awnings substantially improve the energy efficiency of your home - and I'm not just talking about pennies here.

According to information from the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers, an awning can reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent on south-facing windows, and 72 to 77 percent on west-facing ones. The European Solar Shading Organization, or ES-SO, indicates in one of its reports that solar shading products, including awnings, can help users experience energy savings of up to 10 percent.

Industrial Fabrics Association International

Aristocrat Awnings by Craft Bilt

So let's check out some of the top reasons people buy shade systems right now! I guarantee once you go through this list any doubts you have about the perks of installing awnings, pergolas or canopies will dissolve. There are very few purchases that can claim more perks: 

Aristocrat Awnings Are Energy Efficient!

Wow! As you can see from that quote above, installing an awning translates into a lot of money over time. In fact, I would say they virtually pay for themselves over their lifetime. Innovative technology has made retractable awnings more efficient than ever. 

Some of the energy benefits that will interest you are as follows: 

  • Awnings block 75% of the solar heat that enters your house and may reduce temperatures by up to 15 degrees! Now that will really slash your air conditioning bills
  • Energy consumption can be decreased by up to 25% (they claim 10% above but savings may be even higher)
  • They decrease sun related glare 
  • Protect your family from harmful UV rays 

I think these facts and figures speak for themselves. There are very few purchases you'll make in your life that have so much upside. 

Aristocrat Awnings Extend Your Outdoor Space

One of the best features of retractable awnings, pergolas, and canopies is that they extend your living space without having to undergo a complete renovation. If you're "spatially challenged" then a retractable awning will add more square footage for entertainment. 

With a comparatively inexpensive investment, you can create another "room" that is available to use more than half of the year. Not to mention the fact they bring nature into your home which really adds something special. Which brings me to design...

Aristocrat Awnings Increase Your Home Value 

Aristocrat Awnings really add an air of sophistication to your patio, deck or yard. I've seen outdoor areas literally transformed by an installation. You can opt for a very sleek, modern look or something more homey and traditional. We can achieve anything you can conceive! 

Retractable shade systems also add serious value to your home. Sure traditionally kitchens and baths are seen as the rooms that realtors are looking for and that's never going to change. That being said, a landscaped entertainment space is one of those perks that people look for in a new home. 

Just watch a few of the most recent home design shows and you'll see this trend is on fire. 

The biggest impact you can have on your yard is by making all, or a part of it, into an outdoor room. A 2016 survey by showed that the outdoor living space of a home was the most attractive quality to buyers — more important than either an open floor plan or the curb appeal.

Outdoor Upgrades That People Will Pay More For, Faris Team


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Aristocrat Awnings: Residential & Commercial

Aristocrat Awnings are some of the best selling models at Breslow Home Design Center. They're well built, have a great selection when it comes to quality material and there's a model to fit your budget and space. We install both commercial and residential awnings. For the purposes of this article, I'm going to concentrate on our residential offering. 

NOTE: If you're interested in installing commercial Aristocrat Awnings, please give us a call today. I'd love to discuss your requirements and architectural specifications to create a shade system that fits your needs to a T. 

So what makes Aristocrat Awnings so special? One of the biggest selling points for me is how they're manufactured. You always want to put safety first when you purchase and install an awning. Trust me you don't want something that weighs hundreds of pounds dangling over the top of your head unless you're confident it's well made and properly installed. 

The shoulder is the component that gives your awning its strength. The good news is Aristocrat Awnings have their shoulder drop forged from a solid block of aluminum. To give you an idea of what I am talking about - this is the same process used to make professional golf clubs. 

You need to consider this particularly if you're going to install a larger awning because they need more strength. Thankfully, Aristocrat Awnings has you covered in this department. Both the Estate and Manor models are built with drop forged shoulders. 

Some Points to Note: The Main Difference Between the Estate & Manor  

Aristocrat Estate

Aristocrat Awnings Estate Bar

Aristocrat Manor

Aristocrat Manor Awnings No Valance

As the Estate and Manor are some of our top selling models I'm going share some insider information. These awnings are manufactured EXACTLY the same. The ONE difference when it comes to these models is the front bar. As you can see each of these awnings has a very different look because of this. 

The Estate Awning requires a fabric valance on the front bar for a more conventionally styled awning, on the other hand, the Manor Awning has a larger Aluminum front bar that makes it fully cassetted. If you choose the Manor you can still opt for the fabric valance in addition to the aluminum front bar, but most people choose to forgo it, opting for a more modern concealed design. To be quite honest, adding a valance has a tendency to make the Manor look too bulky.

...and if you're not familiar with the terms I used above I'll define them for you now: 

  • Semi-Cassette: This type of system fully encloses the fabric with the exception of the valance. This style works best for a more classically styled awning with a width larger than 23'.
  • Full-Cassette: If you're looking for complete protection from the elements a fully cassetted awning is for you. The entire system is enclosed inside a concealed box when not in use, which provides top of the line protection from the sun, wind, and rain for the fabric and arms. 

As you can see your choice depends on your budget and personal circumstances.  For example, if you live on a beach and your awnings are subjected to battering wind, rain and sand then a fully-cassetted awning would be of interest to you. Which means you would likely select the Aristocrat Manor. 

Aristocrat Estate Awnings: For Narrow & Wide Spaces

Aristocrat Awnings Estate Slim Fit

If you're looking to cover very wide or very narrow spaces another point to note is the Estate system offers wider (41' width) and narrower versions (5' width). I think a lot of people automatically assume that tough spaces don't work for awnings, but I'm here to tell you this is not the case at all. Technology allows us to shade massive spaces as well as tight ones. 

We have a lot of people contact us about patios that won't work for a traditional awning. The rule of thumb is the area has to be at least 2' wider than the projection. Otherwise, the arms jam together when you operate the system. Well, thankfully there is an answer to this conundrum. If you have a narrow space that requires a longer projection you can install the Estate Slim FitThese retractable awnings are engineered with cross-over arms that can accommodate the lack of width. I've personally installed MANY Slim-Fit awnings and they look terrific. Check them out now! 

These were some photos from a recent Slim Fit installation in Morristown NJ.

So let's take a look Aristocrat's complete selection of awnings, pergolas, canopies & shades

Aristocrat Estate Awnings

Aristocrat Estate Awnings

As I mentioned above, the Aristocrat Estate is one of our top selling models...and I'm sure you'll see why once you get through this review. It's partially cassetted, which means there is a roll tube that protects the fabric when the awning is not in use. If you have a super-sized space, this model provides 41' of width which is really sweet.

You can choose from a vast selection of fabrics from either the Northpole collection or Sunbrella. Both companies offer warranties: 

  • 12-year warranty from Northpole 
  • 10-year warranty from Sunbrella

There are 3 variations of this model:

  • The Base
  • Slim-Fit
  • XLP

This allows you to select an awning that suits your personal space, no matter what the size. Each model has a soft fabric valance that comes standard.  As with other manufacturers, there are some options to consider. If you want more ease of operation you can select a motorized system by Somfy. You can also install telescoping legs for extra stabilization and a vario–valance for additional screening. Here are the specs: 

Aristocrat Estate Base Model

  • Projection: 4'11", 6'7", 8'2", 9'10", 11'6", 13'1"
  • Width: 6'11" - 41' 
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard styles, custom styles and lettering options. 

Aristocrat Estate Slim-Fit 

  • Projection: 6'7", 8'2", 9'10", 11'6", 13'1" 
  • Width: 5'1" - 14'7' 
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard styles, custom styles and lettering options. 

Aristocrat Estate XLP 

  • Projection: 14'9" - 16'5' 
  • Width: 17'6" - 23' 
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard styles, custom styles and lettering options. 

Price Range: $7,000 - $12,000

I really like to be transparent about the costs of installing your awnings. There is no point in avoiding a conversation about the dollars and cents. If you love this particular model,  a 20’ x 13’ Aristocrat Estate awning will cost about $7K - $9K.  This includes installation, motorization, protective enclosure / hood  & taxes. Considering what you get I think this is a pretty amazing deal. Obviously, the size and your choice of bells and whistles will impact the end cost. Why not give us a call today and we can go through your needs in greater detail? 

Aristocrat Manor Awnings


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Aristocrat Manor Awnings

The Aristocrat Manor is fully "cassetted". If you're wondering what this means, it's like a shelter for your fabric, protecting it from the elements. The fabric is supported with a hood and tray that's easy to keep clean. This model is recommended for properties that are on a lake or a beach. Let's check out the specs:

  • Projection: 4'11", 6'7", 8'2", 9'10", 11'6", 13' 1' 
  • Width: 6'11" - 23' 
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard

Price Range: $7,000 - $9,000

As I mentioned above the Estate and the Manor are virtually identical with the exception the Manor is fully cassetted. This means the prices are very similar.  If you choose this particular model,  a 20’ x 13’ Aristocrat Manor awning will cost about $7K - $9K.  This includes installation, motorization, protective enclosure / hood  & taxes. Please beware the size and your choice of bells and whistles will impact the end cost. 

Below you can see an example of an Aristocrat Manor retractable awning that we recently installed in Fairfield, NJ. Note the fully enclosed awning retracts into its own canister head rail when not in use. The benefits to fully enclosed include better protection of the fabric when not in use, as well as better protection from birds and squirrels in the winter, as they can’t nest inside the awning.

Aristocrat Villa Awnings

The Aristocrat Villa is another "fully cassetted" option. It has strong arms and shoulders that mount with a bracket and are ideal for situations where additional strength is advised. 

  • Projection: 4'11", 6'7", 8'2", 9'10", 11'6", 13'1" 
  • Width: 6'7" - 23' 
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard styles, custom styles, and lettering options. Valance included but not attached. 

Price Range: $5,600 - $7,200

The prices for the Aristocrat Villa are about 20% less expensive than the Manor and the Estate. If you choose this particular model,  a 20’ x 13’ Aristocrat Villa awning will cost about $5,600 - $7,200.  This includes installation, motorization, protective enclosure / hood  & taxes. Just keep in mind the size and your choice of bells and whistles will impact the end cost. Why not give us a call today so we can discuss your options? 

Aristocrat Awnings Eko model


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Aristocrat Eko Awnings

The Eko is a more affordable model that is "semi-cassetted". 

The good news is many of the same features, benefits and options are available - but you will have fewer choices when it comes to size. Here are the specs:

  • Projection: 6'11", 8'6", 10'2" 
  • Width: 7'9" - 23' 
  • Valance Styles: 11 Standard styles, custom styles and lettering options. 

Price Range: $4,000 - $6,000

The Aristocrat Eko is one of the more approachable models in terms of prices. If you install this model, a 20’ x 10’ Aristocrat Eko awning will cost about $4K - $6K.  This includes installation, motorization, protective enclosure / hood  & taxes. Once again please note, the size and your choice of bells and whistles will impact the end cost. Give us a ring today to work out which model works best for you and your space! 

Aristocrat Awnings Installation! We Love Working With Our Customers

I love installing retractable awnings! It's one of those things in life that gives me some fairly immediate gratification. I have worked with thousands of families just like you - and it never gets old. The look on people's faces when they move their outdoor furniture into the newly created space is priceless. 

There are very few things that you can do to your house that will create this sort of change so quickly and inexpensively. I've literally seen Aristocrat Awnings transform a boring backyard into an outdoor oasis in a matter of days. A space that was underutilized is now an extension of your home! What more can I say? I love my job! 

Here'a an example of me and my team installing a brand new Aristocrat Awning in New Jersey. 

Aristocrat Awnings Installation

Aristocrat Canopies, Pergola Canopies and Under-Pergola Canopy Systems

...and that's not all Aristocrat has to offer.They also sell retractable pergolas, canopies and under pergola systems. Each of these shade systems can be installed as free-standing structures or wall mounted.

You can control how much light and privacy you want by selecting a fabric and set up that suits your needs. For example, a more opaque fabric gives you complete coverage and a more transparent fabric allows light to penetrate. You can also install privacy curtains or shades for even more control.If you're looking for ease of operation, motorized systems are also available.  


Aristocrat canopies are a good fit for your location if you prefer a consistent height. They also work well for those of you looking for privacy because you can add side curtains. Canopies can be free-standing or wall mounted and can also give you an unobstructed view overhead.  

  • Width: 3'1" - 23' 
  • Projection: 3'1" - 18' 
  • Height: 8'6", 8'9", 8'10" - 11' 
  • Mounting: Wall, Roof, Free-Standing 
  • Built In Side Curtains: 3'1" - 18' width, Solar Series I & II, Horizontal Drop Shades 

Pergola Canopies 

You can achieve everything a canopy offers except the unobstructed view. This system is created with rafters. It's simply a matter of personal preference. 

  • Width: 3'1" - 23' 
  • Projection: 3'1" - 18' 
  • Height: 8'6", 8'9", 8'10" - 11' 
  • Mounting: Wall, Roof, Free-Standing 
  • Built In Side Curtains: 3'1" - 18' width, Solar Series I & II, Horizontal Drop Shades 


This is a great system if you already have a pergola and want to add a retractable covering for more control over your exposure to the light and elements. 

  • Width: 3'1" - 23' 
  • Projection: 3'1" - 18' 
  • Height: 8'6", 8'9", 8'10" - 11' 
  • Mounting: Wall, Roof, Free-Standing 
  • Built In Side Curtains: Solar Series I & II, Horizontal Drop Shades 

Aristocrat Solar Shades & Horizontal Drop Shades 

Aristocrat solar shades

Solar Shades 

If you're interested in energy savings then you'll want to check out Aristocrat's solar shades. You can install them on the outside of your house or office to block the rays of the sun before they hit the windows. This is an extremely efficient way to keep the atmosphere cooler. 

You can also use them with your pergola, canopy or under mounted system. There are 2 models available: 

Solar Shade Series 1: The fabric travels down either a cable, rod or track.Solar Shade Series 2: The fabric travels down a track with a zipper design to completely close off your porch or patio

aristocrat horizontal shades

Horizontal Shades

Horizontal shades provide a unique approach to privacy and glare. You pull the shade from the side to create a barrier against wind, sun and prying eyes. 

This is a creative solution that takes low angle rays into consideration, allowing you to read a book or use a computer without light related issues. They can also create a virtual wall of privacy. If you live in a crowded area this can really come in handy, allowing you to entertain comfortably knowing your neighbors won't be watching your every move. 

Your choice of fabric impacts how much light you let through. Select a solid fabric for complete coverage or a looser weave to allow some translucency. 


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Aristocrat Awnings Checklist 

So if you're looking to buy an Aristocrat awning, canopy, under mounted system ...OR their Horizontal/Solar Shades you should go through my checklist. The best way to be happy with the purchases you make is to do your due diligence before you speak to a salesperson. Knowledge is key and I want you to be armed with as much information as possible. 

If you're located in New Jersey, why not set up a free consultation and we will go through all the options with you personally? This will save you a lot of time, money and hassle. If you don't have a spare moment for a trip to Chester, NJ we also offer free consultations in the comfort of your home. Give us a call today! We're here to help. 

Your Bank Account 

It's important to get real about your budget. Far too many people spend more money than they want to because they're caught up in the moment. The best way around that is to do your homework to find out what's realistic. You need to know what the going cost is for the product you're looking for - and which manufacturer will give you the best bang for your buck. 

The thing is, going in cheap is usually a bad idea. There's no way around it, shade systems are NOT a small investment. BUT if you do it right you'll be VERY satisfied for decades to come. Cheap systems don't have the same sort of warranties backing them because they aren't made to the same standards.

So in the end, that great deal may actually cost you more than the high-end awning you passed up because it doesn't have the wherewithal to get through years of wind, rain, sun, and use. 

Size Matters When it Comes to Awnings, Canopies & Pergolas  

Way too many people underestimate how much space they need for their shade system. You do not want to have your guests backs exposed to the elements.

That's why it's so important to pick out your outdoor furniture prior to selecting your awning and test the chairs and configuration in the area you're considering. Remember not everyone sits close to the table.

Sure larger awnings cost a bit more - but you don't want to be dissatisfied with the final result. I've installed new awnings for clients who have a perfectly good shade system simply because they need more room. Don't let this be you.

Also remember, the larger the awning - the heavier the awning. They simply need more stability. This means you need to have an excellent manufacturer provide the system and an ace crew like those at Breslow Home Design Center install the system. No one wants to have their awning, pergola or canopy come crashing down on them. These systems weigh hundreds of pounds and could do some serious damage. 

The Material You Select Is Key!   

The material you use with your shades, awning, pergola or canopy is as important! YEP. That's because it's going to have to tick a lot of boxes. Let's take a look to see why the fabric matters: 

  • The material has to be top of the line because you want it to be water "resistant" not waterproof. If your fabric is waterproof it won't breathe which means it will be hot and humid under your awning...and it will not work well for your shades either. Good water-resistant fabric is virtually waterproof without that sort of drawback. 
  • Style! You want your backyard and home to convey the image you want. Fabric makes all the difference in the world. From sleek modern appeal to traditional style, you can really make an impact with the right material. 
  • Opacity. Do you want your shades, awning, canopy or pergola to block light completely or do you want some transparency? You can choose the material that fits the feeling you want to achieve. 
  • Durability. Whether we are installing shades, awnings, pergolas or canopies resiliency is key. You want your fabric to last as long as possible because it's well made. 

Warranties & Manufacturer Reputation 

I briefly mentioned warranties above. If a company is confident in their product they will offer one. A perk of purchasing Aristocrat Awnings, shades, canopies or pergolas is their fantastic warranties - and one of the reasons we love offering their products. Check it out: 

  • Aristocrat provides lifetime coverage on their frames
  • 12-year warranty for their Craft-Bilt Collection Fabrics
  • 10-year warranty for Sunbrella fabrics 
  • 5-year warranties on motors and controls

Wow! Now that's service. Not all manufacturers offer this sort of coverage. Sure you may be able to find cheaper shades, awnings, canopies, and pergolas but you want a company that's going to stand by their products and be there to help you out if something goes wrong.  Aristocrat will do that.

Buy Local If You Live in NY or NJ! 

Breslow Home Design Center serves New York and New Jersey and we'd love to help you find the right shade system for your home. We've been in business since 1924 and truly enjoy helping our customers find the perfect fit for their personal taste. We have a fabulous showroom in Chester, NJ where a designer will go through all your options with you - or if you can't make it out you can schedule a free consultation in the comfort of your home. Remember a little local love goes a long way! 


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Breslow Home Design Center & Aristocrat Awnings

So as you can see Aristocrat Awnings, shades, pergolas and canopies are pretty darn great! That being said, there may be another manufacturer that's a better fit. The only way to determine that is to give us a call today so we can discuss your space and goals. When it comes to retractable shade systems the top brands all have specific areas where they excel and I would really enjoy discussing those details with you. 

As we're a family run business we place emphasis on giving you the BEST customer service. We consider you a client for life which means even years down the road we're just a phone call away!