Are Awnings Waterproof?

The short answer is, yes, some awnings are waterproof.  However, a fully waterproof awning would be constructed of vinyl, which retains heat, thereby increasing the temperature below the awning.

We prefer water resistant awnings.  They’re resistant enough to allow you to enjoy a nice light rain without getting wet, and they are constructed from new fade resistant and cooling fabric. Patented under the name Sunbrella®, this material is specifically designed to allow moisture and air to travel through it, allowing the fabric to “breathe,” and thereby keeping the temperatures under the awning at their coolest.  Sunbrella® fabric, which is made of acrylic yarns, is 100% solution-dyed, which means it resists fading, and it’s available in literally hundreds of brilliant colors, stripes and patterns, making it easy to find beautiful material to coordinate with your home.

When it comes to awnings, we think it’s more important to think in terms of cooling and style as well as water-resistance. The waterproof awning might be better for heavier rains, but it won’t perform as well keeping you cool as you enjoy the beautiful outdoors.

If you want true 4-season outdoor protection, our Retractable Canopies and Pergolas allow you to enjoy the outdoors in rain, wind and even snow all year long.

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