Brighten The Look Of Your Home With A Retractable Awning

Brighten Look of Your Home with a Retractable Awning

You have a patio around your house but on the south side, the house seems to get more sun. Many people have told you to get a retractable awning but you have heard that they are often unsightly against the house. Your neighbor encouraged you to try it and now you are not sure what to do.

This dilemma happens to many people because they haven’t checked out the retractable awnings themselves. When you do you will open up an entire world of decoration for your home because a retractable awning can beautify your home and not detract from it.

A retractable awning comes in a variety of styles and you can get amazing fabrics. As an example, Sunbrella awning fabrics come in a myriad of colors and make your patio awnings look lovely. You can get fabrics that are a perfect complement to any house color and they come in both solid and stripe prints.

When you are in the middle of summer and you are getting that bright sun from your south side you can have the awning open for more comfort. In fact, most awning fabric today comes with sunscreens built into them with at least a SPF of 15 or higher.

You might remember that some people had retractable awnings many years ago when they still had a heavy hand crank. Today, this hand crank has become easier to use and it can be hidden next to the awning when the awning itself is put back to rest.

Many people eliminate the hand crank by getting a motorized retractable awning because they are often easier to use. The Sunsetter Motorized awning is a very good example because it has a Somfy motor that runs easily and quietly. This also means that you can open or close your retractable awning with a touch of a remote control that uses radio-frequencies.

You can usually get patio awnings in the size 10′ to 18′ and a projection to 10′ to make a very comfortable place to sit on your patio away from the sun.

Some people prefer aluminum awnings because they tend to project further and their width tends to be a bit wider. As an example, the Eclipse retractable awnings come in widths from 15′ to 40′ and their projections are anywhere between 13 and 17 inches. This can help people who want an awning that will cover one side of their house.

You will find that retractable awnings like the Eclipse will be a heavier duty awning because of its extra width and projection. This can create a beautiful effect if you have a larger home and a wider patio.

A retractable awning can be just what you need when you want to spend time in your yard and at the same time stay out of the sun. It is a beautiful edition to any home when you want to spruce up the yard or just add a little color to the outside.

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