Does Sunbrella Make Awnings?

SunbrellaAre you looking for Sunbrella Awnings? We get alot of people asking for Sunbrella Awnings. But actually, Sunbrella doesn’t make awnings directly, so you won’t be able to find a “Sunbrella Awning”. Sunbrella is the leading manufacturer of awning fabrics and many awning makers use Sunbrella fabric because of its high-quality construction, durability and ability to resist fading and damage due to the weather.

Sunbrella fabrics are solution-dyed acrylics which means they are water resistant, fade resistant and mildew resistant. This makes them perfect for use on awnings which will be exposed to the weather all year long. Sunbrella provides awning, outdoor furniture and marine product manufacturers with fabric. Sunbrella offers over 100 fabric colors and patterns for retractable awnings.

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