How To Choose The Awning Fabric Pattern That Is Right For You

Sunbrella Fabric Colors ChoicesWhen people go shopping for fabric they usually do it for things like furniture or window treatments. These are always looked at as something that you need to do and everything must be coordinated. Many people do not realize that when you purchase a retractable awning it is also important to pick the right fabrics for your color scheme.

In order to pick the right fabric you have to decide what type of statement you want to make with your retractable awning. As an example, if you want a comfortable and warm place to sit outside your house, you will want to pick a soft color. If you want more ambience, you might want to choose something more jazzy that remotes a sophisticated yet calming style.

If you want to create an atmosphere of excitement and you are going to host a lot of parties on your patio, you might consider a nice aquamarine or Mediterranean Blue as awning fabric that says “come party with me.” You can find these colors in both solid and strip patterns and they can really spruce up your backyard party area.

If you want an area of your yard to be romantic and have an atmosphere of intimacy, you might try reds, yellows or oranges because they seem to calm people down and put them in a more relaxed atmosphere. Any of these can be good color choices for patio awnings.

When you are trying to match fabric to your house color it is a good idea to take a picture of your house and take it with you. You could rely on memory but it is difficult when you are looking at different retractable awning fabric patterns.

If you do not like any of the pre-made colors you can always have one that is customized to your taste. Many people today are creating different colors that compliment what has already been their favorite house color.

Picking the right color is really a matter of taste and the good news is that there are so many different ones to choose from that it can be a great way to open yourself up to new colors you haven’t dreamed of before now.

One of the nice things about awning fabric pattern is that you can get them with protection from the harmful rays of the sun. Most fabrics today meet the qualifications for the Skin Cancer Foundation and have received their Seal of Recommendation. This is a good thing to check because it will actually have at tag from them that allows consumers to know this is a top quality fabric.

Another nice feature of retractable awnings is that depending on the fabric it can be 20 degrees cooler when you are in the heat of the summer. As an example, Sunbrella Fabrics are the most popular because they give you the cooler temperature and blocks you from the sun at the same time.

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