Installing Awning Over Vinyl Siding

Installing a retractable awning over vinyl siding requires extra care in order to do a proper job. Once you find the studs, it would be easy to just place the bracket directly over the siding, and then drill right in. However, vinyl siding is soft and affixing the brackets over the vinyl will crush the vinyl and create a warped look.

Breslow Home Design Center takes the extra care and time to ensure the awning are not only installed properly and safely, but also so it looks great, too. Our technique for installing over vinyl siding involves cutting away the vinyl in the shape of the bracket, and using special spacers to bring bracket forward. Then we caulk around the brackets to create a water tight seal. Installing the awning brackets in this manner keeps the vinyl flat around the brackets when pressure is applied. Every installation is different, but this example illustrates how we take the unique characteristics of every surface into consideration when installing an awning to ensure the longest lasting and most beautiful result possible.

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