Sun and Wind Sensors Make an Excellent Add On for Retractable Awnings

Wind SensorRetractable awnings are a good choice for any home where you want to block the sun on your patio or deck. They are easy to take care of and are out of the way when not in use. Many people find that adding a sun or wind sensor is a very convenient way to control their awning over the course of use.

The sun sensor helps your retractable awning by opening and closing when you have set the sensor to do so. As an example, if you set the sensors to extend when the sun is in an intense position, the awning will automatically do so when the sun reaches a certain point. This means that you will not have to constantly adjust the position of the awning when you are entertaining guests or just relaxing in your yard.

Sun sensors are great for those times when you are sitting on your patio relaxing and the sun decides to change position. You don’t have to get up from your reading because within seconds the sun sensor opens the awning a little more for your comfort. This makes it nice because you know you will always be shaded from the sun.

Another add on you can find is the wind sensor which automatically protects you from strong winds. This is helpful when you are sitting on your patio and suddenly a gust of wind comes up for awhile. The wind sensor will automatically detect a change in wind and adjust itself accordingly.

The wind sensor is helpful when you are sitting on your deck or patio and the weather decides to change. There is nothing more irritating when you are entertaining guests and suddenly the wind comes up and scatters all the paper products around the yard. The wind sensor opens quickly when you have these differences in the wind.

Wind and sun sensors work well in situations where you are going to be gone from the area for a period of time. As an example, you may have the awning extended during the day so that you can come and go when you need to without worrying about opening and closing the retractable awning. You can set the sensor to open and close accordingly based on the amount of sun or wind that appears.

Some people like to leave their retractable patio awning open all the time. With a sensor they do not have to worry about their furniture fading or being too warm when they want to come back and sit on the patio or deck. This is a great device to enhance your lounging experience.

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