Awning in a Penthouse Suite

We recently installed a retractable awning in Brooklyn on the 8th floor of a building. It was the top floor penthouse suite with a huge patio overlooking the entire New York City skyline. The wall surface we had to mount to was brick, so we used double action anchors. A Double Action Anchor can hold up to 500lbs (each) (which is more then necessary but we always use the strongest brackets and fasteners available). This high up there is a lot of wind, so we used a NuImage K300 Retractable Awning. The K300 is a fully cassetted retractable awning that is made with drop forged aluminum shoulders, giving this awning unmatched strength. This particular awning features a sleek design which matches their beautiful patio setting. The K300 leaves no hanging fabric valance when either extended or retracted which offers a sleeker more contemporary look. The installation looks amazing!

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