Retractable Awning on the North Shore Long Island Bay

Retractable Awning Installation on Long Island North ShoreOn this job we installed a 24 foot wide k300 fully cassette awning on a gorgeous patio on the bay in the north shore of long island.

The customer wanted the very best awning available (no kidding – check out this house!) and the K300 featured unmatched strength and quality with its drop forged construction shoulders and sleek design. The customer’s home had three very large doors that slid open onto a poolside deck. Installing an awning over this opening offered an extension of this room to the outside. He also wanted protection from sun coming towards the front of the awning, so we added a black drop screen to the front bar which can be raised or lowered to block the sun as needed. The bay side location is an extremely windy area, so we added a Somfy wind sensor which would automatically start retracting the awning if wind became too strong. Our customer was thrilled with the results, although I would love to spend a day on their patio doing some quality control 🙂

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