Can You Measure Your Windows Yourself?

Can you measure window treatments yourselfWe recently completed a Woven Woods installation. Initially the customer wanted to provide the measurements and install the shades themselves. We convinced the customer that since they spending money on a top quality product like Hunter Douglas, it would be wise to have us measure and install to ensure it is done correctly and their investment is protected. In hindsight, it is a very good thing the customer took our advice and had us measure and install. He initially wanted to order the woven woods at 78-inches wide x 57-inches high with outside mounting with continuous cord loops to operate the shades. While measuring, I suggested we add 3/4-inch to the overall width of the shades so the material would completely cover all the trim from one end of the trim to the other. Had we not increased the width, the headrail would have been the correct width but they would have had a 3/4″ piece of trim exposed along the edge of the window which would not have looked nearly as good. As a result of our suggestion, the shades fit the windows perfectly and he is thrilled he listened to us!

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