French Doors and TV Glare

The customer had French Doors with the handles facing inward towards the glass. They only offered about 1.5-inches of clearance between the handles and the glass. Our customer wanted something that would fit the window and offer a cords/lift mechanism that wouldn’t bang the handle every time they operated the shade. When they came into the Breslow Home Design Center showroom they saw the new tiered lite-rise cordless Hunter Douglas Vignettes Modern Roman Shades (which happened to be a free upgrade at that time, too!). They loved the look and the fact that the cordless option allowed them to maneuver it around the handle without banging while raising or lowering the blind. It would fit nicely in between the handle. We looked at the book and found some great woven wood textures in the Savannah Collection (which are extremely hot right now). We knew this shade in this style would be the perfect fit for these windows.

When we measured the doors at their home, we discussed if the shade should be room darkening or light filtering. Light filtering would allow light inside the room while maintaining privacy. Room darkening would darken the room for better viewing of the TV. After some discussion, we determined that they didn’t really need the privacy during the day and would therefore leave it up for daylight hours. And at night they would lower the shade. Room darkening would give them the option on Sunday to watch sports (or other TV) without glare. However, since the fabric was dark enough we decided to go with Light Filtering and they ended up with the best of both worlds – Light Filtering that blocked enough light to enable effective glare-free TV watching.

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