Luminettes: Optimizing an Unobstructed View with Contemporary Feel

Our customer had two very large windows in her back den, the room they use to relax and watch television on their large flat screen TV. Their beautiful home has a very contemporary feel, and the room has white and gold leather furniture with modern clean cut designs. The room features rich espresso accents and they wanted window treatments that would offer a soft look.

We immediately thought of Hunter Douglas Luminettes window treatments for these windows due to the size and design characteristics. They also wanted to maintain an unobstructed view through their windows. In order to accomplish this, we needed to figure out the right size that would cover the whole window while closed, and stack off the side of the window to provide a completely unobstructed view. One of her windows was 78-inches wide, and had we used the standard rule-of-thumb guidelines for determining the stack back, it wouldn’t have looked so great because the windows had high trim and plastic frames. We measured from the end of the trim inward to the exact place where the glass started and deducted this measurement from the basic stacking guideline. By doing so, we were able to make the shade land exactly at the edge of the glass when fully opened, covering her not-so-great trim and providing perfect view-through of her large windows.

The second issue we faced was the baseboard heaters along the floor. We decided to extend the shades downward past the window sills to 1-inch above the baseboards for a more complete look with better flow. Perfecto! We provided the aesthetic look and feel she wanted from her window treatments while also covering up any problems inherent in her windows and walls with proper measurement and installation. They look amazing.

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