Color Choice for Your Window Treatments

Color makes or breaks a room. The color selection can pep you up, calm you down, and enhance the quality of your life. Window treatments in the right color can be cozy and inviting. The choice is yours, but the choice can be a difficult one. If you need help with choosing the right colors for your window treatments, you can pick up the phone and call Breslow. Breslow Home Design Center deals with Hunter Douglas window treatments, and will send an expert to your home to help you choose the best window treatments for you.

Today, more than in the recent past, green represents life, growth, abundance and nature. Your window treatments can bring the world into your space. A green combined with brown can soothe your spirit. You get a feeling of calmness and satisfaction, that all is right with your world.

Purple suggests royalty, and mysticism. The tones and shades range from deep elegant purple to lighter reddish tones. Blinds, shades and shutters come in a wide selection of colors. Purple is the most popular color used in women’s clothing and in window displays. Such color creates a warm and majestic feeling. Keep in mind that your accents in the room need to be of lighter color so that you don’t over burden your theme.

Mineral colors range from creamy white to smoky gray to brownish gray. Utilize the various color combinations by matching them with lighter colored furniture and not the darker colors, as used to be done in the past. You want the color to whisper to you; not shout. This color scheme can be calming and quite elegant. As good as they may look, mineral colors can be difficult to choose and match with your home décor. Breslow will make this job easy for you. We will give you our expert advice at no cost to you.

Let’s take colors from nature. Orange is associated with fruit, coral, and spices. This is a bright and uplifting color. Light orange shades are becoming popular. Shades and panels of light orange give the room a warm glow during the day and soothe under the incandescent lighting of the evening.

Asian countries have favored reds throughout time. Today, America has discovered the wonders of this tone. Panels, Roman shades and blinds in light shades of red are becoming a gentle part of our day. The darker shades of red can be used to darken a room. So, think red.

The primary color blue naturally appeals to the eye. Lighter blues bring in a homey and cozy feeling, while darker blues might slightly repel if not offset by a contrasting décor. Lighter shades make the room feel open, as they have the feel of open blue skies. There is a wide range of shades of blue, depending on the intensity of the light required in the room.

Brown reminds us of outdoors. If you want wood tones, the browns will bring them right into your room and give the window treatment the look of real wood that is sculpted by a skilled hand. Browns look great on blinds, Roman shades, roller shades, and woven textures. If your primary color is dark brown, think of using a lighter shade on the window treatments.

Black is a very elegant color. You can complement almost any light colored décor with the rich tone of black. You often see this color utilized in offices because it brings a sense of wealth and prestige. A common mistake made with black is that we tend to use darker shades of it. Just stick to the lighter colors and tones, and you can bask in the plush feel they give to your window treatments.

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