Decorating Style for Your Window Treatments

Your home is your refuge; so create the oasis you need after the hassles of the day; a place to retreat to and let it all go. Window treatments can be key factors in this endeavor. Remember that your window treatments are the keys to achieving this atmosphere. Breslow Home Design Center deals with Hunter Douglas window treatments, and can assist you in creating that much desired atmosphere in your home. Allow Breslow to convert your home into a haven, by calling us at 973-992-2333 to schedule a free in-home consultation at your home.

When you get to the areas where you relax, maybe you could use sheers or mini blinds to give a soft, cozy atmosphere. Accent that over sized chair where you sit to read a good book, while escaping into another world. As you decide what atmosphere you want in a room, think about the style you are creating. Our experts can suggest a host of decorating styles based on your home type, your location and your desires. From formal to transitional, refined to rustic, traditional to eclectic; we can do it all for you.
Are you into American folk arts, crafts and antiques? Then you might wish to use shades to bring it all together, by adding a light colored fabric, toning down the color, accenting the center piece, or making your statement with a whisper or a shout. Whoever you may be, consider natural wood shutters or honeycomb shades to allow the light in to bathe your space while insulating the area at the same time.

When you think about the contemporary design for your space, look for a straight line in your window treatments, or honeycomb for the insulation from cold or heat of the seasons. Maybe you should consider Roman shades to provide privacy and soft light, while bringing a calming factor to this space.

As the room style comes together, you might want to think about the operation features of your window treatments. There are many styles and performance factors to keep in mind. Are the windows the centers of attraction of your space? Do they accent your comfortable old chair? Drapes, shades and blinds can dictate the atmosphere. Today there are many window treatments that have an electric feature that has become very popular. One touch, and the treatments adjust to a different position, giving you a different feel. Light the room, darken the room, calm a room; the list is endless. So, just a little time taken now will pay off for years. Remember, these window treatments can be a lifetime decision, as it is with the floor coverings. So dream on…

The Victorian era has brought the European touch to our window treatments. This style can be implemented with the use of elegant floor length drapes, roller shades, or louvered shutters. The louvered shutters pull open and allow light to filter in. Add a light whisper of sheers, if you wish to have a softer look.

The addition of window treatments can be an economical addition to any room, bringing forth the mood and tone to any space. We can suggest the best price range to suit your budget. Breslow can even customize your window treatment requirements to fit your budget.

The range of variety and combinations are endless. Window treatments can truly bring out the personality of your home. It is often said that your home is the canvas upon which you can create the outlet of your inner self. So think, who you are. Then paint away; be free and adventurous. Let the decorative juices flow.

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