Do you recommend motorized window treatments?

MotorizationWindow treatments are evolving! Each year, interior and exterior home design has required more sophistication, and window treatments are no exception. Home facades, once adorned with rectangles and arches, now have circular and trapezoid shapes for their windows. It is no surprise that window treatments would have to adjust to meet the needs of home owners of today in controlling their light, privacy, sound and insulation. That is why buttons now simplify the closing and opening of blinds, shutters, and shades.

Breslow Home Design Center, a leading Hunter Douglas dealer, has a large list of window treatments that can be just right for your home. These can be either manual, through cord or loop operation, or motor-driven, using radio waves. Many homes may have children or dogs that would benefit from cordless systems, such as the manual wand type control used to move vertical blinds. In other cases, homes may have higher ceilings and therefore require taller windows. In regards to controlling illumination and insulation, higher arches and angled tops are necessary but are also more difficult to handle. The same goes for skylights. Window treatments that are motor-driven change this perspective; height is no longer a problem when opening and closing shades at the touch of a button.

For lifting or tilting your window treatments, manual methods can be used. This controls your lighting and especially your privacy. Cordless can mean something as simple as roller shades that are spring assisted, or a chain and cord for smooth operation of vertical blinds. Other options for blinds include a cord lock system, and a bi-fold or a bypass track for shutters. Shutters that are hinged to windows can operate with the windows and do not require chains or cords. Honeycomb shades can have continuous loops that operate a rotating pulley and clutch for raising and lowering shades.

A ‘Vertiglide’ pleat system is ideal for sliding windows. Louver lovers can find many designs which work with a tilt bar; they can tilt them with the bar and lift the louvers with a tab. But motor-based systems are the best for relaxation. Remember that they can operate with a remote control. Imagine a motor that operates the opening and closing of your window shades while you enjoy your leisure. There is also the option of a wireless switch. Last but not least, preset timers are available so that you don’t even have to lift a finger!

Visit Breslow and see how the Hunter Douglas radio and infra-red operated window treatments work. If you opt in for infra-red operated window treatments you must be sitting in front of the window. We can also help you get more flexible by installing radio controlled systems in more than one room so that you can control all your honeycomb shades in every room simultaneously. Whatever window treatment operating system you choose, installation is easy and does not require a high voltage.

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