Energy Efficient Window Treatments

Energy EfficiencyEnergy efficiency means cost-efficiency, but this requires more than small repairs in your walls. Few people are aware that most energy is wasted through inefficient windows. In such cases heating becomes ineffective during the winter. Energy bills can rise dramatically with the efforts a heater and boiler make, to keep a home at a comfortable temperature. Under the same inefficient scenario, cooling can be just as costly with an air conditioner working harder in the summer. Window treatments are the best solutions in the long run.

Assessing the insulating capability of your home and covering it with the right window treatments is important. Breslow Home Design Center will send an expert to your home to help you choose the best window treatments for your home situation.

Window treatments not only insulate; they determine the amount of light and privacy in your home. These are important functions that can be carried out by shades, shutters, and blinds. They are adaptive insulating layers because they can keep out the heat and cold regardless of the season. Breslow offers a large selection of adaptive insulation in the form of window treatments.

Consider honeycomb shades as an example. Beautiful and sophisticated; they insulate with the power of air trapped by a unique dual celled structure. Honeycomb shades are the best window treatments available because they can be customized for your angled or arched windows, and are very popular for their color options. Therefore honeycomb shades have an edge over other window treatments. Honeycomb shades have a dual celled structure for extra insulation, especially during the winter. The other window treatments consist of a variety of shades for protection from the sun while maintaining natural light diffusion at the same time.

Why not consider wood blinds? They provide good insulation through shutting or tilting for the right amount of light to enter. An economic alternative to these are faux wood blinds. They look like natural wood but are better suited to areas that are subject to humid conditions. Faux wood blinds would be desirable in places like kitchens and bathrooms. However, you must consider that wood is opaque, capable of not only blocking external elements, but natural light as well.

The right window treatment neither permits heat to escape during cold weather nor allows outside heat to penetrate your window during warm weather. Many air-conditioned homes have been sealed in a way that blocks external elements and natural lighting. Breslow brings to you Hunter Douglas sheers and shades that can brighten up your room under these conditions without losing those insulating properties that work towards blocking external weather.

Have you checked out Roman shades? They are also very efficient window treatments when it comes to insulation. Their material can illuminate and insulate at the same time. Do you prefer something more vertical? Consider panel shades with fabrics that overlap and can be stacked through a wheel-track system. They are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, while ensuring necessary combinations of insulation and lighting.

Modern window treatments are multifaceted and provide you with controls that are easy to operate and handle. Skylights are well known for regulating lighting. What better way is there to control them than with motor-driven shades?

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