How can I be environmentally conscious with my window treatments?

Saving Energy With Hunter Douglas Window TreatmentsHaving a well-insulated home ensures that you don’t waste money—and valuable energy—heating or cooling your home.  We offer an array of window treatments that have advanced technologies to help streamline your energy use, while still offering an aesthetically pleasing look for your home. Read more to find out how you can be more energy-conscious with Hunter Douglas blinds, shades and shutters.

The Hunter Douglas Duette® honeycomb shade is a superior insulator with high R-values, and some models have as high as a 7 R-value.  (R-Value is a measure of the resistance an insulating material offers to heat transfer. The higher the R-value, the more effective the insulation.) Their newest line of Duette® honeycomb shades, called Architella®, have insulating technology as powerful as many products used in your walls.

Saving Money on Energy Costs with Hunter Douglas Window Treatments

Attractive Options

In the past, double and triple honeycombs with high insulation ratings tended to be bulky, but these new models don’t compromise on size or aesthetics.  They’re constructed with a new patented system of placing a very small honeycomb material inside the exterior honeycomb, making for an exquisite—and ultra durable—product.

New Technology

Today it is possible to have your blinds to react to sun, shade or time. Using motorization with new radio frequency technology, you can maximize your already energy-efficient Hunter Douglas products.  These “smart” shades will lower when the sun gets too hot, open and close at peak times of day when you’re away from the house, and help you get up in the morning to the sun’s shining rays.  How’s that for efficient?

Cutting Costs

These “green” window treatments are kind to the environment as well as your pocket.  Several of our customers that have tried these products have reported saving significant amounts of money on their very next monthly gas or electric bill.   Over a yearly period, this can result in a significant savings.

Outdoor Options

Outdoors, our smart awnings can also help you minimize expenses—and conserve energy!

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