Materials for Window Treatments Make a Big Difference

As it is with the various aspects of selecting window treatments, the material used can set the tone of your space. You need to consider the needs for each room separately. Kitchens and bathrooms require materials that are moisture and heat resistant. They must also be easy to clean and maintain. Do you want natural materials for the elegance of it? Or do you want man made materials for the economy factor? If you want to discuss the wide range of possibilities, you can call or email Breslow Home Design Center. Breslow is a prominent dealer in Hunter Douglas window treatments. We, at Breslow, offer free consultations at your home or our showroom. Call now to schedule your free personalized session with our experts.

Window treatments regulate the light, the view, insulation and the atmosphere of your space. You might wish to use a pattern for the elegance, sheers for the calming effect, aluminum for easy care; however, the material used is a vital issue to consider. Breslow experts can visit your home, study its structure and lighting, and advise the best materials to be used. Not only that, we can handle installation and even financing.

You can choose from a wide array of materials. There are weaves, satins, linens, woods and metals. The type and color of the material can determine the function and look of the window treatments. For example, dark fabrics block the light while sheers give your room an ambient glow.

If you are more concerned with the design and rustic look, you may choose natural materials. They are durable and designed to accent your window area. You can choose wood, reed, grass, bamboo and many more selections. Blinds, shutters, panels, and shades are just a few of the styles available to select from. They can also come in the form of horizontal or vertical slats.

One of the original window treatment materials is aluminum. Aluminum is treated with heat; so it is durable. It is spring-tempered, making it flexible, and static treated to make it repel dust. Aluminum window treatments come in a variety of finishes including pearl and opalescence. These blend well with the theme and color scheme of the room. Aluminum blinds come in horizontal and vertical designs that compliment any window treatment. They will serve you in the atmosphere you are seeking.

Other man made materials are very popular. They include faux wood, wood composites, vinyl polysatin and a wide range of choices in many combinations to accent your décor. The latest materials are manufactured using technology to perform certain functions such as blocking heat, moisture and light. These materials are used in the manufacturing of blinds, panels, and shutters in large quantities, making them economical.

Do you want the look of wood, but not the cost? Then faux wood might be your answer. Composite wood, a man made material, is readily available, and it is treated to filter UV rays. This feature keeps the color vibrant; they do not splinter, or chip. They are resistant to moisture and heat, making them ideal for the bathroom and kitchen areas.

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