Privacy and Lighting with the Right Window Treatments

Not too far back in history, windows were covered with a feed sack, quilted fabric or whatever the pioneer could find. There was no thought given to anything but the benefit of keeping out the elements of the outdoors. Then we modernized with the use of curtains and drapes. Today, window treatments are an intricate part of the décor adding moods and lighting elements to our homes.

Making the right choice of window treatments can be overwhelming. Wouldn’t it be great to have an expert inspect your home and suggest the right type, color, material and style of window treatments? Breslow Home Design Center, a leading Hunter Douglas dealer of window treatments, makes this possible for you. You can call or email us and arrange for our expert to visit your home. We offer free window treatment consultations at your home or office or in one of our showrooms.

Window treatments serve a two-fold purpose in today’s world. We look for the functional aspects, but we have added many elements to the mix. We consider lighting, insulation, color, style, and privacy. Besides controlling these outer elements, they can transform your entire interior design. They affect the illumination, privacy, insulation and sound.

Breslow brings to your home decades of experience in window treatments. We know the art of transforming your home into a lively and comfortable place to be. We can customize your window treatments to fit the sizes and shapes of your windows while complementing your interior décor.

While window treatments bring beauty to your world, they also provide privacy. In some rooms it is easy for outsiders to peek in. What is needed is window treatments to provide the privacy you desire. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a lavish fenced home or in a small cozy town home; this is a factor to keep in mind. Do you need to block sound, light or the intrusion on your quiet moments? Do you need some privacy to do some last minute work to end your busy day?

Breslow offers a wide variety of styles, designs, material choices to meet your needs. We have window treatments that open from top to bottom, bottom to top, or from side to side. We even have treatments to fit over the entire window, enabling a total shut out of the world.

Window treatments have an obvious effect on light control. You can have a room that is bright and filled with the illumination of the exterior lights, or a room that is soft with a gentle glow, as the day just melts away. Or maybe you need to be up and perky. Your office may need a stimulating yet calm and peaceful atmosphere.  Do you want to have the option of adjusting the treatments by opening and closing them as the need arises? Then blinds and shades might be a good choice for you.

Blinds are very versatile. You can open them and make the outdoors come in, providing an open view of the area around you. Sheers might meet your design by allowing a soft glow to filter in. Your entertainment room or den could best utilize blinds that are opaque. The fabric you choose will determine the amount of illumination that enters your room. Select a window treatment that you can open or close allowing you to adjust the light effects. Blinds that are opaque can either block sunlight or direct it elsewhere to create the perfect ambiance for your home.

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