Specialty Shaped Windows with Hunter Douglas

Specialty Shaped Windows

You finally move into that dream home you have planned for so long, only to face the nightmare of arched windows, slanted windows, or high windows that are characteristic of multilevel homes. Where do you go to find just the right window treatments to complete the atmosphere you wish to create? Breslow Home Design Center has the solution for you. Breslow, a leading Hunter Douglas dealer, will send an expert to your home to recommend the best window treatments for your home.

Window treatments provide insulation to your windows and aesthetics to your décor; keeping the heating and cooling of your home under control while adding to the beauty of your home. Breslow provides window treatments from Hunter Douglas, the leading maker of quality blinds, shades and shutters.

Popular today are windows with arched tops or slants that follow the angle of the ceiling. You might have difficulty finding window treatments for these unique shapes and design. These are beautiful, but they Honeycomb shades are great for these windows. They not only add to the aesthetics of your home, they insulate as well. Some woven wooden shades or shutters are ideal for the angled parts, too. These can allow the required privacy and enable the light control you wish, while enhancing the window treatments.

It may be a challenge to fit window treatments on elegant trapezoid windows. Trapezoids are actually four-sided, and one pair of opposite sides usually tapers toward the top. Large windows may have a combination of trapezoids and triangles; however, each window has to be considered on its own. Here you require specialized window treatments. Breslow knows how to find the right window treatments to match your windows. We can custom-make shades, sheers, and blinds to fit your windows perfectly.

Have you ever tried to find an arched window treatment to match the drapes of the lower window? Call us or email us with your requirement. We can suggest specially designed Hunter Douglas treatments such as honeycomb shades that fit the arch. These shades can be lowered for illumination control. The fan shaped treatments can add a beautiful look, accenting the overall feel of your entrance. The same shades that are installed in your living room area can be installed in your kitchen and dining area, thus providing a continuity and flow.

Areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and children’s rooms need outside lighting and privacy at the same time. They also need to be durable, moisture and heat resistant, while adding a calming, peaceful atmosphere. The color selection affects the view and lighting by regulating the amount of light that enters your room. For example, dark coverings tend to darken a room, while the lighter materials allow more light, making your room glow. You can pull the blinds together to block light, while pulling them apart brightens the room.

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