What is the best wood shutter for me?

Best Window Treatment For Me

In recent years, the popularity of wood shutters, also called plantation shutters, has skyrocketed. With their traditional elegance and built-in look, they have become a fashionable way to add a classic, custom feel to any room. New, more affordable alternatives and a wider selection of styles have fed this demand. At the highest end of the wood shutter market is Hunter Douglas’s Heritance® hardwood shutters, which are constructed from premium hardwood and use dovetail joinery, a traditional woodworking technique known for its elegance and unmatched strength. These shutters are available only through a Heritance® shutter certified dealer.

Other options include the Hunter Douglas NewStyle® hybrid shutters, which offer the look of a traditional wood shutter without the price tag, and with a complete line of colors, frames and louver sizes to choose from. (Louvers are the slats on a shutter which can be angled to admit or restrict light.) Heritance is our first choice for its exceptional look, top-notch craftsmanship and variety of finishes, but if price is a concern the hybrid is still an excellent choice. The only negative to going with a hybrid is that there are fewer available finishes to choose from and more restrictions due to the weight of the product.

Color, Shape & Size
Almost any window can be fitted with a shutter. It’s also important to remember that while they are pricier than other window treatments, they eliminate the need for draperies, which are often used in conjunction with blinds and shades. You can create different open and spacious looks with a variety of louver sizes, ranging from 2 1/2″ to 3 1/2″to 4 1/2″. There are also many frames to choose from, and a certified Hunter Douglas salesperson will guide you through finding a frame and louver panel. Hunter Douglas has introduced well over a hundred colors in their wood shutter lines, but if you don’t find a color you love, they will match any color to help you to create your own custom-colored shutter.

Finding a Dealer
A good installer is critical. Make sure you find a dealer that has lots of experience installing shutters so that you can get the perfect installation and a beautiful, built-in look.

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