What wood blinds slat size is the best for me?

ShuttersFor wood blinds, the most popular slat size (also referred to as vane size) is 2″. This size accommodates most windows and gives a nice, airy view. The 1″ slat requires twice as many slats, which obstructs more of your view, and it also has a higher stack (the thickness of the blind when it closed), which blocks light even when the blinds are closed. For those that want an even less obstructed view, you should consider a 2 5/8” or 2 1/2” inch slat. While these require a slightly larger recession in your window, they give you a magnificent, open outside view. Another thing to consider is that larger slat sizes not only allow more light in, they also provide more darkness when closed, because there are fewer slats for light to seep through. This principle holds true for plantation shutters and Silhouette® Window Shadings — with larger slats comes better control of light.

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