Why buy from a local dealer, as opposed to the Internet, for blinds?

There are many reasons why buying from a local respected dealer makes the most sense. Read more to find out some of the reasons why you should entrust your custom window treatments to a local expert.

Getting the Best Measurements

When purchasing a custom window treatment, it is critical that your measurements be as precise as possible.  Even slight errors in measurements could mean the difference between a fine new window treatment and one that won’t fit in your window. (Remember, because they are custom ordered, blinds are always are non-refundable!)  At Breslow, we advise customers to purchase a blind or window treatment online only if they are highly skilled in measuring for window treatments, and know all the ins and outs of the particular window treatment they are purchasing. This is difficult, because each product has unique features that complicate measurements.  For example, some products have deeper or larger head rails, some have side brackets and some rear brackets, some can block screens and some need more room to operate, and so on.  For this reason, it is a wise decision to hire a retail store in your area to install your blinds.  Ideally, we suggest purchasing from a Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealer, which is Hunter Douglas’s highest level of dealer (such as Breslow Home Design Center), and which has the most experience in working with and installing these blinds.

Buying Through a Dealer

When purchasing Hunter Douglas products, a Gallery Dealer has the most highly trained sales staff at measuring and installing each individual product. Another important reason to buy through a dealer when investing in a high-end brand such as Hunter Douglas is that the dealer will resolve any problems there might be after installation.  If you buy online, you have no recourse.

The Gallery Gold Protection

Still not thoroughly satisfied?  All Hunter Douglas Gallery Dealers have a Guarantee protection program.  Within forty day of installation of your blinds, this exclusive policy allows you to exchange the window treatments you’ve selected for a different style and color.  If exchange your blinds for those of lesser or equal value, you will only have to pay the reinstallation fee.  It is just another way that Hunter Douglas shows it’s commitment to highest level of service and customer satisfaction in the industry  Please contact your local Gallery Dealer for further details of this policy.

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