Window Treatments that Connect You to Nature

As you begin to pull your new house together and it starts to become home, you think about the furniture, the flooring, even the wall color. There is an aspect that needs a great deal of consideration and yet often gets overlooked: your window treatments. Even if considered, most people choose window treatments that block the natural outside view. Breslow Home Design Center brings to your home the best window treatments from Hunter Douglas, which do not compromise your outside view.

They set the tone of your space, while regulating the illumination and exterior view.

Always strive to bring the outside into your home. It will affect your moods, lift your spirits, and help prevent depression. Quite often it is the closing of oneself inside, with no interaction with the beauty and openness of the natural exteriors that can make emotions fluctuate. Window treatments should always enable you to have an open view of the outside.

Breslow has many options for creating the view-through that every window treatment should provide. Clear views through window can be achieved, without privacy being an issue. You can open blinds from the top, the side and some even from the bottom. View-through not only allows light into your room, it sets the tone. No matter how cozy your room is, you tend to feel suffocated if you block the view. Your life requires adjustments now and then, so does the window treatments on your home. They should allow adjustment of light to calm the atmosphere or pep it up. Maybe today you want that gentle glow of sheers or the privacy of shades.

Breslow is a leading dealer of Hunter Douglas, a market leader in window treatments. Breslow has a wide variety of window treatments that allow a clear view to your natural exteriors. We specialize in wide slatted and louvered window treatments that can give you an unrestricted view of your natural exteriors, while creating privacy and allowing the calming effect of the gentle glow of the morning or evening sun. While in the open position slats create a graceful line to your décor.

Want to wake to a heavenly glow? Install full length sheers. They can soothe by defusing the sunlight. They filter the harsh sunlight, giving your room a warm and cozy atmosphere. They work to prevent glare, and create a relaxing mood. As you view the world, you get a translucent view that is not harsh on the eye and the mind.

The fabric selection can determine how much diffusion of light you want. Take into consideration where the window is located. The east and the west experiences different times of direct sunlight. Thus regulating of temperature and filtering of light can be effectively done using the right fabric.

As you enter into the world of window treatments, think about this: how much light; how much view; how much privacy do you need to complete the finishing touches to your interior design? Is it your bedroom or the kitchen, or maybe even the matching of shower curtains with the drapes of the dress area. Whatever your situation is, you can get free information and suggestions on window treatments when you visit Breslow Home Design Center. Call 973-992-2333 or Email to schedule your FREE In-home consultation or learn more.