With my woven wood blinds, should I get a liner or no liner?

Liner or No Liner on Woven Wood BlindsWeighing Privacy with Opacity

Woven wood window treatments are made from of exotic fibers, twigs, sticks and bamboos, which are interwoven to form beautiful patterns that have a rustic and sometimes contemporary feel. These blinds are made in any number of patterns to suit different tastes and with varying degrees of opacity, with many giving you a fairly clear view of your outside surroundings.

Note that, without a liner, you won’t see the actual color of the woven woods blinds in daylight, as they appear silhouetted. Furthermore, liner-less woven wood blinds do not provide privacy after dark when your lights are on. This may not be a concern for those that have a more private lot or for a room that won’t get much evening use, but if privacy is a concern we suggest getting a light filtering liner. Although they’re very sheer, liners will decrease limit the amount of light your shades let in, and limiting light will also highlight the colors and materials of your woven wood blinds.

Greater Control

A standard light filtering liner is perfect for those that want privacy and still some light, and a black-out liner is a great solution for a room that benefits from darkness, such as a TV room or screening room.

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