Hunter Douglas: Energy Saving Blinds, Shades and Shutters

When it comes to inventing new window fashion products, Hunter Douglas® is the best in the world. And now Hunter Douglas® is focusing on developing energy-saving blinds, shades and shutters that will reduce the use of our limited energy resources and clean the air through fewer greenhouse gas emissions. But not only will these new Hunter Douglas® products help reduce the use of energy for our nation, they will also brighten and beautify our homes.

Hunter Douglas® is continually inventing new products, but their first energy-saving invention occurred almost 30 years ago with the introduction of the Duette® honeycomb shade.The honeycomb shade is an amazing insulator because the cells trap air, and subsequently keeping your home’s heat inside during winter months and keeping the sun’s heat out of your home during the hot summer months. Since then, Hunter Douglas® has invented new products such as Silhouette® window shadings, Vignette® Modern Roman Shades, Luminette® Privacy Sheers, Pirouette® window shadings. Hunter Douglas’ latest invention is the Duette® Architella® honeycomb shade, which offers a major improvement over the original honeycomb shade. The Architella® is shade containing a honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb. This design creates three air pockets which substantially reduces your home’s heat flow through the window.

Windows lose energy. Even well-insulated standard double-pane windows will lose 10 to 15 times more heat energy than your walls or roof. This means that up to 50% of your home’s heating and cooling energy will be lost through your windows. And this translates to up to 50% of your utility bill is paying for energy lost through your windows.


This infrared photo shows energy loss as red. Note the difference in energy loss between the walls and windows. Adding window coverings serves as insulation on your windows (plus the added benefits of beautifying the room, light control and privacy). The infrared photo in the center shows how much less energy the covered window on the right looses compared to the uncovered window on the left. This energy loss translates directly to higher utility bills and less comfort in your home.

Energy Efficiency

Hunter Douglas® blinds, shades and shutters save energy in three main ways. First, they reduce the heat that flows through your windows (that which is lost in the winter and gained in the summer). Second, they allow you to control the sun’s rays to make best use of them. You can allow direct sun in during the cold winter months to capture the heat, and block it out during the summer months to reduce it. And finally, you can use these window coverings to make natural light more useful in your home by diffusing it so you don’t need as much energy for artificial lighting.

Saving Money on Energy Costs with Hunter Douglas Window Treatments
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