Motorized Pergolas

Apollo Opening Roofs can be custom designed to your specifications to create a classic pergola design. Feeling creative? let Breslow and Apollo help you design your own concept.

Custom Wood Work, Custom Colors

The Apollo Opening Roof System is redefining residential space throughout the Tri State area. These motorized pergolas are extremely durable and one-of-a-kind. Every house is different and sometimes our clients want to have a certain look and style. Let Breslow help you design your own styled Apollo opening roof.

Benefits of an Apollo Louvered Roof System

  • Maximize your outdoor living space – This system allows you to minimize exposure to rain, snow, sun & heat while giving you the flexibility to adapt your space to your own aesthetic. Turn your outdoor space into a fully functional room for most of the year.
  • Apollo can be installed in a variety of settings – including patios and decks, pool areas, rooftops, as well as commercial spaces such as restaurants and courtyards. The Apollo Louvered Roof system can be customized to almost any outdoor space.

What is an Apollo Louvered Roof System?

  • Motorized modern or classic pergola design
  • Apollo louvers sense rain and close automatically.
  • Apollo has built in gutters to keep you dry at all times.
  • Apollo can handle *hurricane winds and up to *30 lbs per sq foot snow loads. *Ask for warranty info.
  • Apollo options: heaters, fans, lights, tv, side shades, side curtains.
  • Apollo can be built to any size and to near any shape.
  • Apollo uses AAMA 2604 powder coat which has a 15 year warranty

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  • What is the lead time for installation?
    • Typical lead times range 8-12 weeks due to their entirely custom craftmanship
  • How much does the Apollo Louvred Roof System cost?
    • Pricing can range from $100 to $200 per sq foot, based on your unique needs and preferences.
  • Are permits required for installation?
    • In some cases, yes. Breslow will assist you throughout the permitting process.
  • How is my Apollo Designed?
    • We provide an isometric rendering for you as part of the order process. Each Apollo is entirely custom fabricated to fit your space and exceed your outdoor living expectations.