NuImage Awnings

NuImage Awnings is one of our preferred manufacturers of shade systems. They make wonderful products, but we also love the fact that they have a story that’s in harmony with Breslow Home Design Center! Their parent company, Futureguard, is a family run business that’s been around for decades. We truly enjoy working with companies that have a keen eye for innovation while expanding and nurturing their customer base. 


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If you've read any of our other articles you already know that awnings have their roots in Europe, but they have been steadily rising in popularity in America. That's because summers in the US are hot and humid (at least on the east coast) and shade systems help people spend more time outside comfortably. The truth is, retractable awnings are one of the BEST investments you can make in your home if you compare them dollar for dollar with other improvements. 

There are so many benefits and I'm going to share some of them with you right now! But before we get started I'd like to give you a little bit of background information about Futureguard and why we carry their products. 


Futureguard Building Products, Inc. is the company that owns NuImage Awnings. They're a second generation family owned and operated business with a 163,000 square foot state-of-the-art manufacturing facility headquartered in Auburn, Maine. Futureguard is one of the largest purveyors of stationary retractable products in the United States. They maintain this position by employing some of the most inventive minds in the industry to help them keep up with this evolving market. 

The NuImage brand was launched in 2004 to serve a national network of professional awning dealers and as a residential retail operation in Maine for research and development.  

As I mentioned above, awnings have historically been more popular in Europe than the US. This is why Futureguard went to the expense of investing in European process manufacturing equipment. Ultrasonic cutting and fabric welding machines provide a clean fit and finish, making their awnings some of the strongest and best designed on the market today... 

...not to mention the German Engineering that gives their premium models, the K300, G150, and G250, a leg up. The components Futureguard uses are manufactured by a German supplier that has invested substantial resources to wind load test them for maximum strength and resistance.  This is how NuImage Awnings stay ahead of the curve when it comes to cutting edge development! 

All frames are finished with powder coats before they leave the facility, delivering an awning that will last you a lifetime. I'm sure this process is why they feel comfortable offering such comprehensive warranties. Check out some photos of their facility now! 

NuImage Awnings Futureguard
NuImage Awnings Manufacturing
NuImage Awnings Fabric
NuImage Awnings Coating

Futureguard's Commitment to the Environment

As if that isn't enough, Futureguard is committed to the environment. This inspiring company collaborates with industry partners to recycle acrylic fabric scraps.

The final product? They produce temporary disaster relief shelter tarps for places like Africa and Haiti. When an emergency crops up, these tarps are used for shelter by people who have lost everything. We enjoy working with companies that take their role in the world seriously. 

Now back to the awning business: 

Boosting social responsibility efforts is essential for US. companies to remain competitive globally, Calvert Research and Management President and CEO John Streur said in remarks prepared for a Senate Banking Committee hearing Tuesday.

Social Responsibility Vital For U.S. Global Competitiveness, Calvert CEO Claims, Forbes
NuImage Awnings Breslow Home Design Center

NuImage Awnings & The Many Reasons We Love 'Em 

So if you've been reading any of our articles, you already know that retractable awnings, shades, canopies, and pergolas add a lot of value to your home.

There are very few things you can do at this price point that will give you as much bang for your buck. The price tag for these beauties will be $6,000 - $10,000, based on a 20 x 13 model. That being said, the value you receive in return is incredible. It's one of the reasons we enjoy installing retractable shade systems. 


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The thing is, not all manufacturers are created equal. That's why it's so important to do your homework BEFORE you make your final decision. NuImage is one of our favorite companies because their awnings are strong, beautiful and sport one of the best warranties in the business. So, let's check out a few of the perks that go along with a NuImage awning installation right now: 

NuImage Awnings Increase the Value of Your Home

People LOVE shade systems! They transform your backyard from a boring space into an outdoor sanctuary with very little effort and only a modest investment. If you watch design shows you'll notice how many designers are installing awnings for that WOW factor ...and it works!

I think it's easy for anyone to appreciate a well-designed backyard where they can envisage themselves entertaining or simply relaxing with a glass of wine in the great outdoors. It really is one of those things that turn a buyer's head when your house is on the market. 

If you're looking for a simple and quick way to add some value to your real estate, a retractable shade system should be on your list ...and NuImage provides some of the best awnings available in the US. 

Add Entertainment Space Without the Hassle of Construction 

Have you ever gone through a renovation? If you have you know what sort of chaos ensues. It's a costly and often frustrating process. Sure it's well worth it when all is said and done. BUT what if you don't have the cash or time to go through this at the moment?

What if I told you that for a fraction of the cost of an addition you can create an outdoor dining area that's usable 6 months out of the year?Yes indeed. 

Installing a NuImage Awning can give you more square footage in the blink of an eye. After all, who wants to stay in a stuffy house during the summer months when the great outdoors beckons? Why not give the professionals at Breslow Home Design Center a call today and we'll come out to you for a free consultation. Find out how a NuImage Awning can transform your space now.

Energy Savings! 

Climate change is on everyone's mind these days. Erratic weather patterns and crazy heat makes people think twice about their carbon footprint and the impact they have on the world. I'm proud to say awnings are one of the best ways for you to reduce energy consumption.  

In fact, a NuImage Awning will literally pay for itself over its lifetime. I bet you're wondering if I'm exaggerating this claim. Hey, I'd be skeptical too but the numbers speak for themselves. Did you know: 

  • Your awning can reduce temperatures in the shaded area up to 20 degrees.
  • Awnings block 75% of the solar heat that enters your home, reducing temperatures by up to 15 degrees. The result? A substantial decrease in air conditioning bills.
  • Looking for some numbers? Energy consumption can be slashed by 10% - 25%

This is why awnings are seeing such a resurgence in popularity because their impact on energy consumption is undeniable. 

Protect Your Family's Health 

Did you know that skin cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in America? Sadly 1 in 5 people will have to deal with the consequences before they turn 70...BUT as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you're like me, you want to spend as much time outdoors as you can. Winters are so long and we all champ at the bit when spring warms the days and nights. The truth is vitamin D is essential to your health, which means it's very important to get out of the house. 

I'm happy to report that installing a NuImage awning will slash damaging UV rays by 94%! This means you can spend more time outside with your loved ones without having to worry about sunblock and sunburns.  The health of your family is invaluable, so it's impossible to put a price tag on your retractable awning. Not to mention the fact that cancer is costly. This is one of our personal favorite benefits of purchasing an awning. 

American Manufactured with German & Italian Engineered Components

At Breslow Home Design Center we like to carry products that are American made. It's a terrific way to support our economy.  While we really like the fact that NuImage awnings are manufactured in the US - you can't get around the fact that European awning engineering is some of the best in the world.

Because they have been using awnings longer than us, their technology is more advanced. NuImage appreciates this and purchased European process machinery to make sure their awnings are made with the best technology in the business. 

They also go one step further to provide you with the best possible products. If you buy the K300, G150 or the G250, their drop forged components are manufactured by a German supplier that went to great expense to wind load test their strength. The 8700 and 7700 also use Italian high quality cast components. Strength and beauty is the result of meticulous sourcing and manufacturing. 

The knockout punch of German & Italian Engineering and American manufacturing is tough to beat!

The term ‘Wind Load’ is used to refer to any pressures or forces that the wind exerts on a building or structure. There are actually three types of wind forces that would be exerted on a building (or awnings/solar shades). 

What is Wind Load and Why is it Important in Architectural Glazing?,

Terrific Fabric Options

If you select NuImage awnings you can choose from three amazing fabric manufacturers.

Sunbrella fabric is one of them and our personal choice. If you haven't read our article about this incredible company, please click here for more information. Simply put, Sunbrella is one of the best performance fabric companies in the world. Let's check out some of their perks: 

  • Their materials are nearly waterproof, stain and mildew resistant
  • They offer a wide selection of modern and traditional colors and patterns (over 200 choices).
  • Sunbrella is an environmentally conscious company 
  • The Skin Cancer foundation certifies that their fabric filters out 94% of damaging UV rays. 
  • They provide a 10-year warranty.  

You can also choose from Para Tempotest, an Italian manufacturer of performance fabrics or Sattler. Breslow Design Center doesn't carry Sattler or Para Tempotest, but they are offered by NuImage. 

Strong Without Compromising Beauty 

NuImage takes the safety of its customers seriously! They have some of the top innovators in the industry and they pride themselves on the strength of the components they use. If you order the K300, G150 or the G250, they use: 

  • Heavy duty drop forged arm joint components - these forgings are pound for pound stronger than typical forgings
  • Articulating drop forged shoulder
  • Welded fabric top for invisible and STRONG seams

In a nutshell, they work tirelessly to create awnings that stand the test of time...while retaining their style and beauty. It's a balancing act they've achieved in spades. The good news is if you choose NuImage's more economical models they still don't compromise on quality. Both the 7700 and 8700 use: 

  • High-Quality Cast Components:
  • Welded fabric top for invisible and STRONG seams


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Wind Resistant Solar Shades & Awnings 

Wind is always an issue when it comes to solar shades and awnings. As you can imagine their design makes them vulnerable to heavy gusts. How your shade system performs in a windy situation should always be a consideration when you purchase a shade system. 

We're happy to report that NuImage takes this issue very seriously. So much so, that they funded their own wind tests for their solar shades and have gone above and beyond to source incredibly strong components for their awnings. 

NuImage is confident their awnings and solar shades are able to withstand wind gusts. But the truth of the matter is, you should never "test" your shade systems.  The rule of thumb is if you can't read a newspaper comfortably roll your awning or solar shades in. At the end of the day flying debris is a bigger concern than wind when it comes to stormy weather. 

If you're interested in finding out more about their wind testing, give us a call today at Breslow Home Design Center. We have more information about NuImage Awnings wind resistance. 

FlexShade Wind Tunnel Testing

NuImage Awnings Wind
NuImage Awnings Wind Test

...There's a Lot to Like About NuImage Awnings! 

Wow, as you can see NuImage Awnings impart some serious value!They offer a top of the line product and we're proud to carry their shade systems. If you're looking for strength, beauty and wind resistance you won't do better.

This is the reason we enjoy what we do. Installing awnings truly makes people happy and it's such a hassle-free process. If you're looking for a NuImage awning give us a call! Our experts will come out to your home for a free in-home consultation. 

Let's take a quick look at all their offerings right now: 

NuImage Premier Models 

NuImage G150, G250, and the K300 are top of the line models. If you're looking for sophistication, strength and beauty you need look no further. All these models have the following attributes: 

  • Heavy duty drop forged arm joint components: These forgings are pound for pound 4 times stronger than typical forgings. To give you an idea of just how strong they are - professional golf clubs are made with the same drop casting process. 
  • Articulating drop forged shoulders: Allows you to change the pitch up to 45 degrees. This makes these models incredibly resilient. 
  • Welded fabric top for invisible, super strong seams
  • German engineered & designed
  • Limited lifetime framework warranty: This includes all stationary parts. 
  • 20 Year Futureguard warranty on moving parts 
  • Frame Color:  Resilient electrostatic powder coated finish in white, almond, sand or black/brown 
  • Access to 200+ Subrella Fabrics
  • Access to 200+ Sattler Fabrics 
  • Access to Para Tempotest Fabrics 
  • Somfy Sunea CMO Motor standard 
  • 6 valance options
  • Wind sensors available
  • Drop screen option

So let's take a deeper look at the differences between these three models. 

NuImage G150: Heavy Duty Wrapped Front Bar

NuImage Awnings G150

The Nuimage G150 is a strong, sleek awning with traditional lines. In our opinion, it's one of the best in the industry. The G150 has a fabric wrapped front bar (The G250 does not).  You also have the option to add a Weatherguard hood and/or a drop screen.  Another difference is, this awning has a larger potential projection than the G250. At Breslow Home Design Center we truly love selling these awnings because they are as resilient as they are beautiful.  Here are the specs: 

  • Projections: 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2", 11'-8", 13'-2", 14'-6"
  • Custom widths up to 40' in 1" increments

NuImage G250 Retractable Awnings: Partially Cassetted 

Nuimage Awnings G250

The NuImage Pro G250 is a strong, sophisticated awning with a modern feel. It's beautifully designed and one of the best shade systems on the market today.  The primary difference between this awning and the G150 is that this system is partially cassetted. This allows the awning to virtually disappear against your home once it's retracted. It also protects the fabric and arms from the elements. Another difference is the G250's projection isn't quite as large as the G150. With the wrap around hood, this awning is also perfect for roof mounting.  Here are the specs: 

  • Projections: 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2", 11'-8", 13'-2"
  • Custom widths up to 40' in 1" increments

What is a Partially Casetted System? 

At Breslow Home Design Center we use a lot of industry-specific "lingo" which I would like to explain in easy to understand terms. A partially cassetted awning provides protection for your shade system by enclosing the fabric and arms on the top and sides.

Typically the bottom is left open (a fully cassetted system totally encloses your awning, I'll talk more about this soon). The enclosure protects your shade system from the elements and extends the life of your awning.

Here is an example of a partially cassetted NuImage G250 awning!

NuImage Awnings G250 Partially Casetted
NuImage Awnings Partially Casetted

NuImage K300 Retractable Awnings: Fully Casetted & Made for Smaller Spaces

NuImage awnings k300

If you have minimal mounting space the K300 Retractable Awning is the perfect solution. The combination of its compact, state-of-the-art European design and its elegant fully-enclosed cassette is both fashionable and functional. Double wall extrusions, drop-forged arm components, and solution-dyed acrylic fabrics make this awning both strong and beautiful. The K300 is truly a cut above the rest!  This awning is fully cassetted which means the fabric and arms are enclosed and protected from inclement weather. Another difference is this awning comes with a smaller projection and width.  Here are the specs: 

  • Projections: 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2", 11'-8"
  • Custom widths up to 23' in 1-inch increments

What is a Fully Cassetted System?

A fully cassetted awning can be a great thing if you live in an area where the climate is a little more punishing. We install a lot of these on beach properties.

When you retract the shade system the fabric and arms are fully enclosed in a cassette. Unlike the partially cassetted system, the bottom is closed as well.  If you're looking to increase the life of your awning this is a terrific system to have. 

Check out this Semi Cassetted NuImage K300 Retractable Awning:

NuImageK300 Fully Casetted Extended
NuImage K300 Awning Semi Cassetted / Extended
NuIMage Awnings K300 Fully Cassetted - installed by Breslow Home Design Center
NuImage K300 Awnings Semi Cassetted
NuImage k300 fully cassetted awning - opening - by Breslow Home Design Center
NuImage K300 Semi Cassetted Awning - opening
NuImage k300 fully cassetted awning - opened side - by Breslow Home Design Center
NuImage K300 Semi Cassetted Awning - opened side
NuImage k300 fully cassetted awning - opened below - by Breslow Home Design Center
NuImage K300 Semi Cassetted Awning - opened below


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NuImage Economical Models 

NuImage 7700 and 8700 are more economical models. If you're looking for an affordable retractable shade system that doesn't compromise when it comes to quality, these are the awnings for you.

All these models have the following attributes: 

  • Italian Engineered high-quality cast components:
  • Limited lifetime framework warranty: This includes all stationary parts. 
  • Welded fabric top for invisible, super strong seams
  • Frame colors:  Resilient electrostatic powder coated finish in white, almond, sand, bronze or black/brown 
  • Access to 200+ Subrella Fabrics
  • Access to 200+ Sattler Fabrics 
  • Access to Para Tempotest Fabrics 
  • Motor option available
  • Weatherguard hood option
  • Wind sensors available
  • Drop screen option

Unlike the G150, G250 and the K300 the warranties differ slightly for each of these models, so I've included that information in the description. So let's take a deeper look at the differences between these two models: 

NuImage 7700: Quality & Savings with Less Width & Projection

NuImage Awnings 7700

Money is always an issue. Who wants to spend more than they have to? The NuImage 7700 is a smaller awning that's affordable - yet doesn't sacrifice quality or style. This is an issue for a lot of the less expensive awnings in the market. 

Also if you're looking to adjust the pitch, the 7700 series comes with a durable extruded 7-pin shoulder. This a different system from the articulating forged shoulder used in the G150, G250 and the K300. 

An optional fabric-wrapped front bar is also available with or without a drop screen. 

Here are the specs: 

  • Projections: 5'-9",6'-11", 8-'6", 10'-2", 11'-8"
  • Custom widths up to 26' in 1-inch increments

Futureguard Warranty

The warranty on this model differs from the others. They offer a Limited Lifetime framework warranty on all stationary parts and a Futureguard 10 year warranty on moving parts. 

Take a Look At the 7 Pin Shoulder

The Sun doesn't stay in the same position. To give you more control over the pitch of your awning, NuImage uses 7 pin adjustable shoulders on this particular model. The durable extruded shoulder gives you 7 selections to make this easy to achieve. 

NuImage Awnings 7700 Shoulder
NuImage Awnings 7700 Arms

NuImage 8700: Quality & Savings with More Width & Projection

NuImage Awnings 8700

This is another more affordable awning from NuImage. If you're looking for something bigger the Nuimage 8700 has larger widths and projections available. 

Another difference between the NuImage 7700 and NuImage 8700 is the flex pitch that's operated by a hand crank. You can pitch the awning from front to back and left to right to track the setting sun or even drop the side of your awning to expel rainwater. Here are the specs: 

  • Projections: 5'-9", 6'-11", 8'-6", 10'-2", 11'-8", 13'-2" 
  • Custom widths up to 40' in 1" increments


Futureguard offers a Limited Lifetime framework warranty on all stationary parts and a 15-year warranty on the moving parts. 

Check Out the Flex Pitch System

NuImage Awnings Flex Pitch

This patented system is specific to the NuImage 8700 awning.

It enables you to adjust the angle of the awning to reduce light depending on the position of the sun. It's a manual system that's operated by a hand crank. Plastic loops are attached to the bottom of each shoulder. 

It's a simple and easy way to operate your system. 

Additional Options for Your Awning 

NuImage Awnings also offer some additional options for those of you looking for a top of the line awning.

Motorization makes extending and retracting your awning a breeze and it's available for all NuImage Awnings...

...but if you purchase the K300, G250, and the G150 they come standard with the Somfy Sunea CMO motor. There are other motors to choose from if you have your heart set on something else. Give us a call at Breslow Home Design Center and we will go through your options. 

On the other hand, the 7700 and 8700 are manual systems, but you can elect to add a motor to these models as well. 

Another option that Nuimage Awnings offer is a wind sensor. 

If you purchase the NuImage Titan or Somfy RTS motor, a wind sensor is available. The Eolis 3D WireFree RTS sensor protects your awning when the wind starts to whip up. We're only human, so it's easy to forget to retract your awning when the weather changes. This takes some of the room for error out of the mix. 


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NuImage FlexShade Systems

...but that's not all! NuImage also carries solar shades. Sure retractable awnings offer a lot of protection, but if you want complete control of low angle rays you may want to consider installing a solar shade. They work like a charm and look incredibly sophisticated: 

FlexShade Zip Solar Screens

The NuImage FlexShade Zip is a terrific solar shade and it can be used on patios, porches, windows and shade systems. 

As I mentioned above Futureguard performed wind load testing in 2018 and the shades performed very well in the down position in gusty weather! Once again I am going to reiterate that you don't want to test this yourself. BUT it is reassuring to know that chances are they will be ok in windy weather if you happen to forget to roll them in. 

These solar shades are full cassetted with side retention channels to keep the screen secure. Check out the attributes of the FlexShade Zip now! 

  • These solar shades are powder coated for resilience 
  • Colors available for the frame: Sand, Almond, White, Charcoal Bronze, Black or Silver
  • Fully cassetted in extruded aluminum with side channels
  • Three headbox designs are available and two sizes 
  • A double ball bearing roll tube idler used for smooth cassette operation
  • Side channel fabric retention system with optional debris brush guards
  • Custom widths up to 25' with up to 16' drop are available
  • Motorized by Somfy Altus RTS remote controlled motors
  • Dozens of screen mesh options are available or plus clear window panels 

FlexShade Non Zipped Solar Screens 

The FlexShade Non-Zip solar screen is another option that's available if you're looking for more protection. It works well for windows, porches, and pergolas.

The design is minimalist and clean. The fabric s protected by an integrated cassette headbox. You can choose between cable or side channels to prevent the hem-bar from moving in the wind. This solar shade system has the following attributes: 

  • All shades are powder coated for resilience
  • Frame colors available are: Sand, Almond, White, Black, Charcoal Bronze or Silver
  • Dozens of shade screen choices in a range of colors and opacities
  • Perfect for smaller space: Mounts in only 6" of space
  • Somfy Altus RTS remote-controlled motor or manual gear operation is available 
  • Customized width and custom drop available, both up to 11'

NuImage Awnings & Breslow Home Design Center 

Wow! NuImage Awnings sure offer a lot! Strength, beauty, and innovation all wrapped up in one package. Shade systems add so much value to your home, but when you purchase one of the best in the business you take it up a notch.

At Breslow Home Design Center we spend a lot of time deciding what manufacturers to carry for our selection of shade systems. NuImage simply makes some of the finest awnings and solar shades available today, so it was an easy choice. Their products hold up during inclement weather, increase the value of your home and decrease energy consumption. What more could you possibly want? 

Summer is nearly here! Why not create an outdoor space that will let you entertain family and friends knowing they are protected from harmful UV rays while still enjoying the great outdoors


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If you have any questions about NuImage Awnings, give us a call today and book a free in-house consultation. A designer will come out to your home to discuss the specific nature of your property and vision.