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If you’re looking for protection in the blazing summer months, it’s likely you’re considering a shade system that includes retractable awnings, louvered systems, pergolas, and canopies. Breslow Home Design Center specializes in customized retractable awnings, canopies, and pergolas offering the best solutions available in the market today.

These incredible systems not only shelter your patio furniture and guests from rainy days, but can also bring the temperature down by as much as 20 degrees on hot days.

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Classic Design Retractable Awning

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Modern Design Retractable Awning

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Under-Mount Pergola Shade System

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Top-Mount Pergola Shade System

Breslow retractable awnings

What shade systems are available on the market today? 


Louvered Roofs, Pergolas, Canopies, and Awnings are all excellent shade systems on the market. Breslow Home Design Center specializes in custom-built retractable shade systems. We also retrofit traditional fixed canopies and pergolas with retractable systems that are either manual or motorized.

These systems are also made from a variety of different fabrics and materials. There are some pretty amazing innovations available these days. You can select a louvered, or fabric-based shade system. We also offer over-mounted and under-mounted retractable units.

Awning Brands We Work With


We know happy customers are customers for life, so we choose high-quality manufacturers in our line of offerings that include the following companies:


Find the BEST Retractable Awning for Your Lifestyle at Breslow Home Design Center


At Breslow Home Design Center, we’re passionate about giving our customers the solutions that make the most sense for their particular circumstances… and that doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive option available!

Retractable shade systems protect your family from the damaging rays of the sun, save you money, and create a beautiful addition to your outdoor space. You can design a modern cabana, traditional patio, or dive into some uber modern concepts.

If you’re looking for a retractable awning in NJ come visit our showroom. If you’re further afield call us at 973-992-2333 or schedule your FREE In-home consultation to learn more. Our expert team can’t wait to assist you in upgrading your outdoor space!

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