What are window treatments anyway? Sure it’s a VERY familiar term and I think most of us understand that window treatments include: 

  • Blinds
  • Shades
  • Shutters
  • Curtains…

…but do you REALLY know how to get the most out of your purchase? 

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Window treatments make or break the feeling of any room. I’ve literally seen them transform a space from cold and impersonal to sleek and sophisticated upon installation.

The thing is, this purchase isn’t cheap and there are a lot of considerations you need to weigh to get the most for your dollar. 

That’s why it’s so important for you to know EXACTLY what’s available before you make your final decision. 

So why don’t you turn off your cell phone, grab a cuppa tea and join me? I’m going to share my personal insight into window treatments and where you can go if you’re searching the ‘net for Window Treatments NJ! 

Breslow Home Design Center: What Are Window Treatments  

If you’re looking for the official  “Window Treatments Definition” chances are you’re either thinking about buying a new home or just got the keys! 

…and how do I know this? No, I’m not psychic, I’m just VERY experienced when it comes to window treatments.

Breslow Home Design Center gets emergency calls all the time to sort out uncovered windows when sellers leave with the blinds, shades, and/or curtains the buyer thought came with the purchase. 

This isn’t an uncommon situation and that’s why it’s important for me to share a window treatments definition with you. Hopefully, you will read this article BEFORE you sign on the dotted line. 

The definition of window treatment is: 

A glaze or tint element placed on window or Windex spray treatment. Often, a goal of professional window treatment is to install the elements which enhance the aesthetics of the window and the room.


Grrr. Now that window treatments definition isn’t very user-friendly, is it? The truth of the matter is, for most people window treatments are coverings that are used for aesthetics, privacy, and energy savings that include: 

  • Shutters (indoor and outdoor) 
  • Blinds (wood, aluminum, faux wood, and resin) 
  • Shades (roller, roman, and honeycomb) 
  • Curtains, valances, and sheers 

Window Treatments Definition for Real Estate

OK now that we have that sorted out – why is the window treatments definition important for real estate?

Because there’s often confusion and disputes in this area. I recently had a client come in to see me. She purchased a house in the Hamptons with some really unique windows. 

When the day came to move in she was shocked to find the owners had taken the window coverings when they left. Yep! The whole house felt different. It was flooded with light and there was absolutely no privacy. The first thing that went through her head was is this legal? 

Well, it depends. In her circumstances it was. The window coverings were custom made drapes, so they weren’t affixed to the property. The owner simply slid the curtains off the rails and voila! They were hers and my client had no recourse. Ideally, she would have discussed the issue BEFORE the sale. 

On the other hand, blinds and shades are affixed to the wall so they are legally fixtures, and as such can’t be removed. 

The best bet is to discuss all fixtures and fittings prior to the sale – you know what they say about assumptions. A quick conversation could save time, energy and your sanity! 

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What Are Window Treatments: Upgrades & Considerations 

Window Treatments Morristown nj


Sure manually operated shades, blinds, and shutters work just fine – but technology offers a lot more these days. So why not motorize them! This is one sweet option that allows you to use your new system with a: 

  • Remote Control
  • PowerView App (program your shades and blinds through your smartphone or tablet) 
  • Google Home or Alexa (program your shades and blinds through voice commands) 

The Hunter Douglas PowerView system allows you to customize the atmosphere and better control your energy consumption. The truth is even if you have a remote, the chances are you’ll end up forgetting to adjust your shades throughout the day and night. People are busy and it’s not a priority for most of us. 

This can be avoided by programming your shade solution. That’s where the PowerView App and Alexa come in. You can preprogram scenes and activate them through setting times to open and close your blinds or you can use voice commands to really make it simple. 

Psst: If you have skylights and want to use a shade to cover them, then motorization is a no brainer. Who wants to deal with the manual operation of shades on the ceiling. It really is a hassle. 

If you want to discuss motorization in more detail give the experts at Breslow Home Design Center a call today. We would love to help and if you’re looking for window treatments in NJ come out to the Chester showroom to meet us personally. 

window treatments morristown nj kids

Child & Pet Safety  

Safety is a very big issue when you have kids and pets. There are far too many people who overlook blinds and shades as a source of danger for children and animals – but the facts are the facts. Dangling cords aren’t a safe way to open and close your shades if you have these concerns. 

Thankfully Hunter Douglas has a vast selection of child and pet-friendly shades and blinds. 

The key is to speak to someone knowledgable before you make your purchase. 

Here are a few child and pet-friendly products that will help make your home safer for your loved ones: 

  • Motorize your shade with PowerView 
  • Install shades with LiteRise – just push the rail up to open and push down to close 
  • Install shades with UltraGlide – this retractable system assures there are no dangling cords 

A study published in the journal Pediatrics highlights the problem these window covering cords continue to be. “We looked at 26 years of data from 1990 through 2015 for this study, and found that almost 17,000 children under six years of age were treated in hospital emergency departments in the U.S. for window blind-related injuries, averaging almost two per day,” 

Window Blind Safety: New Regulations Ban Corded Blinds, Parents.com 

window treatments nj

Energy Savings 

There are many terrific reasons to purchase window treatments, but after privacy, energy consumption should be one of the biggest considerations.

Did you know that approximately 30% of your heating is lost through your windows? Ouch! When you look at it that way, window treatments take on a whole new appeal. 

…and if you live in a place where the summers are HOT, approximately 76% of the sunlight that hits your double paned windows turns into heat. 

The thing is, not all window treatments are created equal when it comes to energy savings. If this is your goal you want to make sure you buy the best performing coverings available. Here are a couple of suggestions! 

  • Duette Honey Comb Shades 
  • Duetter Architella Shades 
  • Drapery 
  • Shutters 
  • Roman Shades 

Remember, good energy conscious shades and blinds will pay for themselves over time by reducing your air conditioning and heating bills. I can’t overstate how much they will add to your home. If you are looking for window treatments in NJ why not come out to our showroom and we can go through all your options. 

Window Treatments Morristown NJ Breslow

Budget & Materials

Window Treatments run the gamut in terms of pricing.

The good news is you don’t have to spend a bomb to have stylish, energy efficient shades, blinds, shutters and curtains.  

Before you go shopping I’d sit down and work out a budget, bearing in mind that your window treatments will be with you for years to come. They can literally make or break your decor, so I personally wouldn’t skimp when allocating funds for this particular purchase. 

There are so many choices these days it’s overwhelming. Materials are also a big consideration. There is a huge difference between the feel of metal blinds and plantation shutters. It’s important to nail down the look you are going for and make sure it doesn’t conflict with the furniture, rugs, and art you already have. 

Your choice of materials will have a huge impact on the overall feel of the room and your bottom line. 

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What are window treatments Breslow

Privacy & Light Control 

We are all very different. Some people require no privacy at all and want their windows as unobstructed as possible, while others can’t get enough coverage. 

You also need to consider the atmosphere of the rooms you’re working with. Some of our clients can’t stand the idea of a completely dark room while others demand blackout shades.  

Because there are so many options available today you can fine tune your selection to meet the needs of each room in your house. 

If you can’t decide there are also beautiful Hunter Douglas shades and blinds that allow you to switch things up depending on your mood. Check some of them out now: 

  • Duette LightLock: Offer complete darkness, this new technology even eliminates light emanating from side gaps!  
  • Duette & Solaria Blackout: The Duettes have in an interior membrane that does not let light pass through, though you will still have some light gaps on the sides.
  • Room Darkening Liners: If you purchase Roman shades, you have the option to purchase blackout liners. They are operated independently for more light control. 
  • DuoLite: Offers 2 different fabrics to give you control over how much light you let in. 
  • Silhouette, Pirouette & Luminette: These products offer light filtering options which allow light and privacy at the same time. They also offer room darkening options. With both of these opacity choices you also still have the sheer option to open and close the veins. 
  • Designer Roller Shades: These can deliver opaque to semi-opaque coverage depending on the fabric you select.  

Window Treatments Morristown NJ 

Wow! We sure do have a lot to offer.

If you’re looking for window treatments in Morristown NJ, then Breslow Home Design Center is the place for you. Did you know our grandfather Louis Breslow had a paint store located on Speedwell Avenue? Sadly the property was razed to make way for the Headquarters Plaza, but we still have deep roots in Morristown and neighboring areas. 

My mom Sharon told me a story about how ingrained Breslow Paint & Wallpaper was in the community. My grandfather had a truck with the Breslow logo proudly displayed which he used to drive around town to make deliveries. He was a beloved member of the community because he honestly enjoyed helping people. Past clients still come out to the store to share their fond memories, which means a lot to all of us. 

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So if you’re searching Google for “Window Treatments Morristown NJ” come on out to our store in Chester, NJ. We’re just a stone’s throw away and would love to consult with you about your options. We have designers who are waiting to match your style, budget, and needs with the right Hunter Douglas shade solution.