Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors vs. Breslow’s Colors

Breslow Home Design Center would like to share our top 50 selling colors with you. We’ve been in business since 1924. This means over the past 95 years, we’ve learned a LOT about paint. After nearly 4 generations in this industry, I think I can honestly say we’re experts! 

As you well know tastes change with the times and so do the flavors of the moment when it comes to colors of paint. We like to keep an eye on the best sellers because it gives us a better idea of what people are leaning toward when it comes to design. 

One of the most impactful things you can do to your home is to paint it. I tell people all the time if you don’t have the cash for a renovation, painting the walls will transform the space at a fraction of the cost. It’s truly amazing what a switch in color will do for a room and your psyche. 

So let’s take a look at the top 50 selling colors right now and then I’ll give you some pro tips about paint selection, so you pick the right shade the first time around …and don’t forget if you’re in New Jersey, swing by our Chester showroom where one of our color experts will help you select the right colors for your home.

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors: Breslow Design Center 2019

1.Revere Pewter

top 50 selling colors revere pewter

2.Gray Owl 

top 50 selling colors grey owl

3. Edgecomb Gray

top 50 selling colors edgecomb gray

4.Shaker Beige 

Top 50 Selling Colors Wickham Gray

5.Balboa Mist 

Top 50 Selling Colors Balboa Mist

6.White Dove 

top 50 selling colors white dove

7. Marilyn’s Dress 

top 50 selling colors Marilyns Dress

8.Classic Gray

Top 50 Selling Colors Classic Gray

9. Smoke 

Top 50 Selling Colors Smoke


top 50 selling colors metropolitan

11. Simply White 

Top 50 Selling Colors Simply White

12. Coventry Gray 

top 50 selling colors coventry gray

13.Super White 

top 50 selling colors super white


top 50 selling colors lucerne

15. Pashmina 

top 50 selling colors pashmina

16.Bleeker Beige 

Top 50 Selling Colors Bleeker Beige


top 50 selling colors iceberg

18.Barren Plain 

top 50 selling colors barren plain


Top 50 Selling Colors Hush

20. Cement Gray

top 50 selling colors cement gray

21. Fossil

top 50 selling colors fossil


top 50 selling colors wish

23. Safari 

top 50 selling colors safari

24.Wind’s Breath 

top 50 selling colors winds breath

25.Feather Gray 

top 50 selling colors feather gray

26.Bunny Gray 

Top 50 Selling Colors Bunny Gray

27. November Skies

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors november skies

28.Elmira White 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Elmira White


Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Mayonnaise

30. Manchester Tan

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Manchester Tan

31. Hale Navy

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Hale Navy


Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Frappe

33.Coastal Fog

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Coastal Fog

34.Palace Pearl

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Palace Pearl

35. Muslin

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Muslin

36.Stone Hearth

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Stone Hearth

37. Pewter

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Pewter

38.Indian River

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Indian River

39. Ashen Tan 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Ashen Tan

40.Misty Gray 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Misty Gray

41. Palladian Blue

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Palladian Blue

42.Sea Haze 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Sea Haze

43.Linen White 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Linen White

44.Beach Glass

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Beach Glass

45.Quiet Moments 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Quiet Moments


Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Tranquility

47. Harwood Putty 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Hardwood Putty

48.Bruton White 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Bruton white

49.Dinner Party

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Dinner Party

50.Stone Harbor 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Stone Harbor

Top 50 Selling Colors – Trends to watch

So there they are! Breslow Home Design Center’s top 50 best-selling colors. As you can see gray play a big role this year when it comes to design. You need only watch a few shows to see how popular this color is. The thing is, they’re not all created equal. To pick the right shade of paint you should narrow your choice down to warm and cool grays. 

Greige is warm with brown undertones and cool grays usually have blue and green undertones. They are very different animals and in fact, don’t compliment one another. So I recommend sitting down with a color deck to see what appeals to you.

I personally love gray colors as they make a statement but are very versatile. You may also have noted the colors on this list are fairly light and neutral. People have a tendency to be color shy. This is because they want their paint to stand the test of time and bold colors don’t necessarily do that. I think a lot of people are also concerned about becoming color weary. 

In my humble opinion, they’re missing out on some real gems. Color can be a terrific accent and it can also make a real statement. More on that soon! So let’s see how the color you choose alters the mood of your home. 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors & Your Design Sense 

Interior designers know just how important your choice of color is. Darker shades have a tendency to close in space and brighter ones open it up, but those basic rules just scratch the surface.

If you dig a little deeper you’ll see that color affects your mood and this is something you really need to take into consideration BEFORE you select your paint. This is the reason we employ interior designers for you to consult with. 

They review your photos, paint chips, and fabric swatches to see if the shade you select is going to deliver what you plan. I can’t count how many customers have come to us after purchasing a color that did NOT suit their space. It’s an expensive and frustrating exercise to have to repaint rooms. So I say – avoid this altogether by calling Breslow Home Design Center today. 

Whether you use bold colors, pastels, or neutrals on your walls, experts in the psychology of color maintain that different hues can affect your mood. For example, interior designers will tell you that red in a dining room promotes excitement and hunger while cool blues provide a calming atmosphere for a bedroom.

Washington Blade, The Power of Paint Color
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Top 50 Selling Colors: Create a Calm Zen Oasis 

Life is busy and sometimes we just want to create a zen feeling in our little piece of the world. I have a lot of customers come to me looking to design a home that radiates calm. You can absolutely do this with the shade of color you select. 

My favorite colors to achieve this goal are subtle Greens, Blues, and Yellows. Choosing these warm, light shades really work magic transforming your cold space into a warm hug. 

I spoke to Gayle, our color specialist to get some good recommendations to achieve this feel. She loves Benjamin Moore’s iceberg,  a light airy blue with green undertones. It’s not a typical “baby boy” blue so it works well throughout the home and in bedrooms for children of all ages. She also thinks it compliments bathrooms. 

Another selection she recommends is Moonshine. It’s a peaceful soft green that creates a relaxed environment. The good news is it also plays well with other colors. 

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Breslow

Top 50 Selling Colors: Create a Sophisticated Space  

Have you ever entered an apartment or house that oozes sophistication and flare? I have! Some people just have incredible design sense and good paint helps you achieve this goal. I would actually go as far as to say it’s the foundation of terrific design. If your paint doesn’t convey your message I think the furniture, window treatments, and art will struggle to make up for it. 

To create this sort of feeling you can choose anything from bold to heritage colors. The good news is you’re only limited by your imagination. The key is confidence, a strong statement and knowing what you are doing. This is another reason to call the color specialists at Breslow Home Design Center. We look at the whole picture to find the best route to making your dream a reality. 

If you’re looking at some traditional colors to give a room that sophisticated feel, Gayle recommends Benjamin Moore’s Chambord, a berry-stained wine color or Warmed Cognac, a deep persimmon redolent of leather. When I look at these colors a library stocked with vintage books comes to mind. 

Top 50 Selling Colors: Create an Energized Space! 

Life should be fun and so should paint! If you’re looking to add a little energy and pizazz, there’s no better way to do this than by picking out a vibrant hue for a room or accent wall. Sadly I think a lot of people are afraid of the bolder colors. Sometimes I think this has more to do with not knowing how to handle them than it does a distaste for them.  

I personally find that some of the most memorable houses I’ve been to integrate some unusual paint colors that invigorate everything in the room. My personal recommendation? Come out to the Breslow Home Design Center Showroom in Chester, NJ, and Gayle will work with you to create your dream decor. We provide free color consultations so you can check out that bold shade of green to see if the accent wall you considered works well with the overall focus of your home

If you’re looking for some energizing shades to investigate Gayle suggests Benjamin Moore’s Lucerne a medium blue with a complex mix of undertones that just makes walls come alive. This shade works well for dining rooms and accent walls or if you’re looking for something a bit different check out Benjamin Moore’s  Tropicana Cabana a snazzy blue-green that recalls fun-filled summer days. 

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What to Avoid

…and yes there are plenty of pitfalls you want to keep away from. We recommend using the same general colors when you’re painting your home. It’s very important to make sure the undertones are compatible. For example, mixing warmer grays like Balboa Mist with cooler grays like Coventry Gray is a no-no. They simply work against each other. 

Another issue that we see all the time is parents allowing their young child to pick anything off the color chart. While this seems like a creative idea in theory, in practice it typically goes wrong. You son or daughter will likely gravitate to a very bright color. Once you paint all four walls it becomes overwhelming. Why not opt for an accent wall instead! 

On the other hand, adults shouldn’t be color shy! Way too many people opt for very light, neutral colors because they are safe. Sadly, they’re unhappy with the final results because they don’t offer enough contrast with the molding which ends up leaving the rooms with a bit of a clinical feel.  You want your home to feel designed not bare. A good choice of color will keep this from happening. 

Whites are very popular because of their clean, minimalist look and they blend with everything – BUT using contractor white on large, double height walls in an area that is light filled will leave your home feeling stark and cold. To avoid this choose a deeper color. It warms the space up and allows you to leave your mark. 

Some Wise Words…

Everyone’s comfort level is different, but those who are willing should feel free to embrace a bold, eclectic look at home in the coming year. HGTV star and interior designer Taniya Nayak says to go for bright accent colors, such as jewel tones and colors that contrast — think blue and orange — and don’t be afraid to layer.

9 Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2019, 

Forecast for Trending Colors 2020 

While I’m no clairvoyant, customers often ask me about future trends. Hey, who doesn’t want to be ahead of the game? Trendsetting is fun after all. So I regularly consult our color specialist Gayle to get some insight from her. 

She believes that the color palette will be more vibrant after a love affair with grays. Pops of lighter brighter colors will punctuate walls in 2020 that include pink, blues and greens with a little more depth and even a deep cognac that’s currently buried in the top 50. People will be ready to move away from more neural colors in search of some flare. 

Come back to this space in 2020 and we will see if our forecast is spot on or if we’re missing a thing or two along the way! 


Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Moonshine

2. Atmospheric

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Atmospheric

3. Soft Chinchilla

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Soft Chinchilla

4. Head Over Heels

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Head Over Heels

5. Harlequin Blue

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Harlequin Blue

6. Saybrook Sage

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Saybrook Sage

7. Silver Lining

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Silver Lining

8. Ambiance

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Ambiance

9. Vapor Trails

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Vapor Trails

10. Warmed Cognac

Top Selling Benjamin Moore Paint Colors Warmed Cognac
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Why You Should Pick Breslow Home Design Center For Your Painting Needs

Now that we’ve shared our top 50 Benjamin Moore paint colors with you and some of our pro tips, I bet you’re wondering why you should work with Breslow Home Design Center. The truth is there’s no one that understands the paint business better than us. For 95 years we’ve been selling paint and we’re well versed in all the innovation and trends this industry has to offer. 

Your health, safety, and happiness are a huge priority, as we’ve been serving clients in New Jersey for generations. Our customers know they can come to us for the best advice and service available. This is something we take great pride in. So why not come out to our showroom today and speak to Gayle about your design ideas. She will work with you to pick the perfect shade of paint for your home.